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Billing Overview

Last updated: 2023-02-01 17:37:37

    Free Tier

    The free tier and billing mode of SCF will be adjusted as from 0:00, June 1, 2022 (Beijing time). By then, new users will get free tiers of more usage within three months of activation. As from the fourth month, users will no longer be entitled to free tiers, and the system will automatically grant a basic package tier (500,000 invocations, resource usage of 100,000 GBs, and public network outbound traffic of 2 GB) and deduct the basic package fees of 1.86 USD every month. For more information, see Free Tier.


    • The function invocations in a calendar month is counted on the first day of the next month. If there is no any function-related usage incurred, including the function resource usage, function invocations, and public network outbound traffic, the basic package fees will not be charged in the current month. If any function usage is generated in the current month, the basic package fees will be charged next month.
    • HTTP-triggered function response traffic is not included in the free tier. For more information, see HTTP-Triggered Function Billing.

    Billable Items and Billing Modes

    Billing Mode

    SCF can be postpaid (pay-as-you-go) or prepaid (subscription package).

    Billable items

    SCF has prepaid and postpaid (pay-as-you-go) billable items. Each part is billed according to its statistics and calculation method, and the fees are accurate to two decimal places in USD:

    • Postpaid billable items include resource usage, invocation, public network outbound traffic, idle provisioned concurrency, basic package, and HTTP-triggered function response traffic.
    • Prepaid billable items include subscription package (the deduction sequence is free tier > namespace subscription package > region subscription package > pay-as-you-go (postpaid)).

    For more information, see Billable Items.

    Billing of Other Products Used by SCF


    SCF execution logs are supported by and delivered to CLS by default. For more information on log delivery, see Log Delivery Configuration. Starting from Sept 5, 2022, CLS provides a free tier for new CLS users, and any excess will be billed according to its pricing.

    Other products used by SCF, such as CFS, COS, and CLS, will be billed according to their respective billing rules.


    The five billable items of SCF are priced as follows:

    • Resource usage: 0.0000167 USD/GBs (0.167 USD/10000 GBs)
    • Invocation: 0.002 USD/10,000 invocations
    • Public network outbound traffic**: 0.12 USD/GB for the Chinese mainland; variable by region
    • Idle provisioned concurrency: 0.00000847 USD/GBs (0.0847 USD/10000 GBs). For more information, see Billing Details and Billing Example.
    • Basic package fee: 0.06 USD/day. For example, the fee for May is 0.06 x 31 = 1.86 USD. For more information, see Billing Example.
      HTTP-triggered functions and event-triggered functions have the same prices. For HTTP-triggered functions using the default trigger, HTTP-triggered function response traffic will be additionally generated. For more information, see HTTP-Triggered Function Billing.

    Supported Regions

    SCF is currently supported in the following regions:

    Southeast Asia (Bangkok) ap-bangkok
    North China (Beijing) ap-beijing
    Southwest China (Chengdu) ap-chengdu
    South China (Guangzhou) ap-guangzhou
    Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan (China) (Hong Kong) ap-hongkong
    South Asia (Mumbai) ap-mumbai
    Northeast Asia (Seoul) ap-seoul
    East China (Shanghai) ap-shanghai
    Southeast Asia (Singapore) ap-singapore
    Northeast Asia (Tokyo) ap-tokyo
    Europe (Frankfurt) eu-frankfurt
    Europe (Moscow) eu-moscow
    US East (Virginia) na-ashburn
    US West (Silicon Valley) na-siliconvalley
    North America (Toronto) na-toronto

    Billing Details

    For billing details, see the following documents:

    Document Name Link
    Free Tier View document
    Pricing View document
    Overdue Payment View document
    Billing Example View document
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