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Data Sync

Last updated: 2022-06-17 17:07:04


    For applications with high requirements for service continuity, data reliability, and compliance, CKafka Pro Edition provides the data sync feature to help enhance your capability to deliver continued services and improve data reliability. This feature supports two task types: data sync and cross-region disaster recovery, as detailed below.

    • Data sync: It syncs data at the topic level and supports data transfer and automatic sync between any topics of different CKafka instances.
    • Cross-region disaster recovery: It syncs data at the instance level and supports data replication and migration between instances in different regions, where all data and metadata of the instances will be synced.

    Currently, the data sync feature is only available for CKafka Pro Edition instances but not Standard Edition instances.


    Creating data sync task

    Prerequisites: You need to first create the target instance and topic.


    1. Log in to the CKafka console.
    2. Select Data Sync on the left sidebar, select the region, and click Create.
    3. Enter the task name in the Create Task pop-up window and select Data sync as the task type.
    4. Click Next, select the Source Instance Region, Source Instance, Source Topic, Type of Data to Be Synced, and set the topic offset.
      • When metadata needs to be synced, if two parameters don't meet the conditions, the sync cannot be performed.
      • The partition count cannot be synced as the partition count of the target topic is greater than that of the source topic.
      • The replica count cannot be synced as the replica count of the source topic differs from that of the target topic.
    5. Click Next and select the Target Instance Region, Target Instance, and Target Topic.
    6. Click Submit to complete the task creation. You can view the created data sync task on the Data Sync page.
      • Data sync will automatically start in real time after the task is created. You can view the data sync progress as instructed in Viewing task progress.

    Viewing task progress

    Prerequisites: A data sync task has been created.

    1. On the Data Sync page, click the ID of the target task to enter the task details page.
    2. Select the Sync Progress tab to view the data sync progress.
      • Data Sync: This tab shows the sync progress of each topic.
      • Metadata Sync: This tab shows the sync progress of each topic, ACL policy, user, and consumer group.

    Pausing task


    A running task can be paused. If you find that the data sync service affects the normal use of CKafka, you can pause data sync.

    On the Data Sync page, click Pause in the Operation column of the target task to pause the task.

    Resuming task


    A paused task can be resumed to continue syncing data from where the sync paused.

    On the Data Sync page, click Resume in the Operation column of the to target task to resume the task.

    Deleting task


    • Deleting a task means stopping data sync without affecting the synced data and relevant CKafka instances.
    • A task cannot be recovered once deleted. Proceed with caution.

    On the Data Sync page, click Delete in the Operation column of the target task to delete the task.

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