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Upgrading Instance

Last updated: 2022-11-29 15:11:46


    If the current instance specifications cannot meet your business needs, you can upgrade them in the console.


    • The instance specifications you can upgrade include peak bandwidth, disk capacity, and the number of topics/partitions. You can also increase the disk capacity only. The upgrade is smooth without suspending your services.
    • Upgrading the configuration may add new ports, which you can view by clicking Access Mode > View All IPs and Ports on the instance details page. When configuring the security group, you need to open all these ports.


    Check the following items before upgrading:

    1. Check whether the instance has unavailable public network routes, supporting networks, VPC networks, etc. For more information, see Adding Routing Policy.
    2. Check whether the instance has unsynced replicas. For more information, see Viewing Topic.
    3. Check whether the instance has unfinished tasks (data migration), abnormally created topics, abnormally deleted topic data, etc.

      If there are unfinished tasks, we recommend you wait for all the tasks to be completed before upgrading. If task execution is abnormal, submit a ticket for assistance.


    1. Log in to the CKafka console.
    2. In the Operation column on the instance list page, select More > Upgrade to enter the upgrade page.
    3. Select the target specification for the instance.
    4. Click Submit to complete the instance upgrade.

    Possible causes of upgrade failures

    1. The disk resources in the current AZ cannot meet the requirements of this upgrade. We recommend you contact the Tencent Cloud customer service to check whether there are sufficient resources.
    2. If the high-speed mode is selected during instance upgrade, and there are production tasks that use a lot of bandwidth resources in the cluster, the data migration delay will increase. You can view monitoring data to see whether there are excessive peaks of the production and consumption traffic during the upgrade.
    3. The upgrade process takes too long. The maximum acceptable message byte size of the migrated server configuration is 1 MB, but the broker configuration that needs to be migrated is 8 MB, so the broker cannot receive oversized message migration, resulting in prolonged data migration. Submit a ticket for assistance.
    4. During the upgrade or migration between the new and old clusters, the broker IP update is abnormal, causing the broker IP of the new cluster to fail to pull data. You can view monitoring data to see that there is no monitoring data for a period of time. Submit a ticket for assistance.
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