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Scheme 1: Single-Producer Dual-Consumer Migration

Last updated: 2024-01-09 14:49:39


    This document describes how to use the single-producer dual-consumer scheme to migrate data from a self-built Kafka cluster to a CKafka cluster.


    You have already purchased a CKafka instance.


    If your requirement for message ordering is not high, you can migrate the data while it is consumed by multiple consumers in parallel.
    The single-producer dual-consumer scheme is simple, clear, and easy to implement, with no data heap for smooth transition; however, it requires adding a new consumer.
    The migration steps are as follows:
    1. Keep the old consumer intact, start a new consumer in CKafka, and configure the bootstrap-server of the new CKafka cluster for consumption.
    You need to configure the accessed network of the CKafka instance as the IP in --bootstrap-server by copying the information in the Network column in the Access Mode section on the Instance Details page in the console.
    ./kafka-console-consumer.sh --bootstrap-server xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:9092 --from-beginning --new-consumer --topic topicName --consumer.config ../config/consumer.properties
    2. Switch the production flow so that the producer produces data to the CKafka instance. Change the IP in the broker-list to the accessed network of the CKafka instance and topicName to the topic name in the CKafka instance:
    ./kafka-console-producer.sh --broker-list xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:9092 --topic topicName
    3. The original consumer does not need to be configured and can continue to consume the data in your self-built Kafka cluster. After such data is all consumed, the migration is completed.
    The above commands are test commands. In actual business operations, just modify the broker address configured for the corresponding application and then restart the application.
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