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Regions and AZs

Last updated: 2022-06-02 16:58:38

    A region is the physical location of an IDC. Availability Zone (AZ) refers to the physical IDC of Tencent Cloud in the same region with independent power supplies and network resources. For more information, see CVM - Regions and AZs.

    Supported Regions


    Region Value
    South China Guangzhou ap-guangzhou
    Shenzhen ap-shenzhen
    East China Shanghai ap-shanghai
    Nanjing ap-nanjing
    Hangzhou ap-hangzhou
    North China Beijing ap-beijing
    Tianjin ap-tianjin
    Central China Changshan changsha
    Southwest China Chengdu ap-chengdu
    Chongqing ap-chongqing
    Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan (China) Taipei (China) ap-taipei
    Hong Kong (China) ap-hongkong

    Other countries and regions

    Region Value
    Southeast Asia Pacific Singapore ap-singapore
    Bangkok ap-bangkok
    Jakarta ap-jakarta
    South Asia Pacific Mumbai ap-mumbai
    Northeast Asia Pacific Seoul ap-seoul
    Tokyo ap-tokyo
    West US Silicon Valley na-siliconvalley
    East US Virginia na-ashburn
    North America Toronto na-toronto
    South America São Paulo sa-saopaulo
    Europe Frankfurt eu-frankfurt
    Moscow eu-moscow

    Region and AZ Selection

    When selecting a region and AZ, take the following into consideration:

    • The geographic locations of CKafka instances, your business, and your target users:
      We recommend you choose the region closest to your end users when purchasing CKafka instances to minimize access latency and improve access speed.
    • Relationship between CKafka and other Tencent Cloud services:
      When you select other Tencent Cloud services, we recommend you try to locate them all in the same region and AZ to allow them to communicate with each other through the private network, reducing access latency and increasing access speed.
    • High availability and disaster recovery.
      Even if you have just one VPC, we still recommend you deploy your businesses in different AZs to prevent a single point of failure and enable cross-AZ disaster recovery.
    • There may be network latency among different AZs. We recommend you assess your business requirements and find the optimal balance between high availability and low latency.
    • If you need access to CKafka instances in other countries or regions, we recommend you select an instance in those other countries or regions. If you use a CKafka instance in China to access servers in other countries and regions, you may encounter a high higher network latency.

    Resource Availability

    The following table describes which CKafka resources are global, which are regional, and which are specific to AZs.

    ResourceResource ID Format
    -8-Digit String of Numbers and Letters
    User Account No limit Globally unique Users can use the same account to access Tencent Cloud resources from around the world.
    CKafka instance ckafka-xxxxxxxx Instances are specific to an AZ. A CKafka instance created in an AZ is not available to other AZs.

    Migrating instance to another AZ

    CKafka supports instance migration across AZs in the same region. If you need this, submit a ticket for assistance.

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