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Last updated: 2024-01-09 14:54:12

    Ease of use

    Quickly create data reporting, ETL, and storage linkages after simple UI configurations, freeing you from complex underlying system setup and component Ops.

    Real-time processing

    Instantly integrate, process, and distribute data to downstream systems throughout the entire linkage of data collection, reporting, and transfer. With CKafka Connector data linkage, you can query data in ES in just seconds after it is reported on the client.

    Elastic scaling

    Scale up or down automatically based on traffic volume to ensure high system availability during peak hours and eliminate the need to estimate your business capacity in advance. You can use CKafka Connector to integrate, process, and dump data in a serverless manner.

    High availability

    Leverage distributed cross-AZ deployment at the integration, processing, and distribution layers and automatic failover to ensure over 99.9% service availability. When a system fault occurs, data will be temporarily stored in CKafka to prevent it from being lost. After the system recovers, the data will continue to be processed and distributed to downstream systems.

    High security

    Isolate tenants at the network level, leverage CAM authentication for data reporting, and adopt SASL for data transfer to guarantee the security of your data with strict access control.

    Rich environment support

    Support cross-cloud and hybrid cloud scenarios as well as self-built and Tencent Cloud service data connections. It integrates upstream log, database, and middleware data sources to interconnect over 15 Tencent Cloud products, including TKE, COS, ES, and TencentDB for MySQL/PostgreSQL. This easily enables one-stop data integration and transfer.
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