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Downgrading Instance Configuration

Last updated: 2024-01-09 14:47:31

    Operation Scenarios

    If there are too many redundant resources in your current instance specifications, you can consider degrade your Pro Edition instance specification via the console.
    To maintain the cluster stability, each instance can only be downgraded 3 times a week. If this restriction needs to be lifted, you can submit a ticket for application.
    You can use the console to directly downgrade your instance specifications, including peak bandwidth, disk capacity, and the number of partitions. The downgrade operation is a smooth change and will not interrupt your services.
    Standard Edition instance specifications cannot be downgraded.


    You need to check the following before the downgrade:
    1. Check whether the instance has unavailable public network routes, supporting networks, VPC networks and so on. For more information, see Adding Routing Policy.
    2. Check whether the instance has unsynced replicas. For further details, see Viewing Topic Details.
    3. Check whether the instance has unfinished tasks (data migration), abnormally created topics, or abnormally deleted topic data.
    4. Check the resource usage of the instance at least 7 days in the past.
    If there are unfinished tasks, we recommend that you wait for all the tasks to be completed before the downgrade. If task execution is abnormal, submit a ticket for assistance.


    1. Log in to the CKafka console.
    2. On the instance list page, select More > Downgrade in the Operation column to enter the upgrade page.
    3. On the instance downgrade page, select the target specification for the downgrade.
    If the peak bandwidth in the last 7 days or the peak storage in the last 7 days is greater than the target specification, downgrade is not advised.
    4. Click Submit and complete the downgrade as prompted.
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