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TencentDB for PostgreSQL

Last updated: 2024-07-15 10:06:31

    Service roles and service-linked roles are predefined by Tencent Cloud services and, upon user authorization, the corresponding services can access and use resources by assuming these service-linked roles. This document provides detailed information on the use cases and associated authorization policies of these specific service-linked roles.

    Product Role Name Role Types Role Entity
    TencentDB For PostgreSQL Postgres_QCSLinkedRoleInPostgresKms Service-Related Roles postgreskms.postgres.cloud.tencent.com


    Use Cases: The current role is the PostgreSQL service linked role, which will access your other service resources within the scope of the permissions of the associated policy.
    Authorization Polices

    • Policy Name: QcloudAccessForPostgresLinkedRoleInPostgresKms
    • Policy Information:
        "version": "2.0",
        "statement": [
                "action": [
                "resource": "*",
                "effect": "allow"
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