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Activating Services

Last updated: 2024-01-18 11:48:04
    This document describes how to create an application and activate the services.

    Creating an Application

    1. Log in to the GME console and click Service Management in the left sidebar to go to the “Service management” page.
    2. On this page, click Create application.
    3. Complete the application information.
    Application name: Enter the application name, which will be displayed in the application list.
    Project: A default project is selected. You can also select a project that you created. For details, see Project Management - Create project.
    Tag: Click +Add to add tags. For more information, see Tag Management.
    4. Enable or disable desired services based on your needs.
    Enable or disable Real-time Voice Chat.
    Voice Chat is billed by voice duration. You can enable it as needed.
    Enable or disable Voice Messaging.
    Voice Messaging is billed by DAU. You can enable it as needed.
    Enable or disable Speech-to-Text.
    Speech-to-Text is billed by duration. You can enable it as needed.
    5. Tick “I have read and agree to GME Service Level Agreement and SDK Privacy Agreement”.
    6. Click OK.

    Setting an Application

    After an application is created, it is displayed in the application list on the “Service management” page. Click Set to go to the application details page.

    Modifying application information

    1. Click Modify to modify the relevant information.
    2. After completing the modification, click Save.

    Modifying service status

    1. Click Modify to enable/disable the desired service.
    2. After completing the modification, click Save.

    Key Parameters

    In Authentication info, you can obtain the AppID and permission key required for the SDK voice services.
    The permission key here will be used as a parameter when accessing the SDK.
    After you reset the key, it will take effect within 15 minutes to 1 hour. It is not recommended to change it frequently.
    The option of Reset key is only available for the account that creates the game, root account, and global collaborators.
    For more information about authentication, see Authentication Key.

    Tag management

    When you create an application, you can click +Add to add an existing tag to the application. If no tags are created, you can create tags by following the steps below:
    1. When creating an application, you can click Manage Tags in the Application info section to go to the tag list page.
    2. Click Create tag, and complete the tag information.
    3. Click OK.

    Disabling Services

    An existing application cannot be deleted. If you no longer want to use it, disable all services under it. After that, all requests for the application will be failed. To disable a service, log in to the GME console, and click Set for the desired application to go to the application details page.
    Click Modify > Disable > Save for the desired service.
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