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SDK Download Guide

Last updated: 2024-01-18 11:45:03
    This document describes how to download the SDKs for Tencent Cloud GME.

    Release History

    Check the Product Updates first before downloading the SDK.

    Getting Started

    If it is your first time to use the SDK, please refer to User Tutorial.

    Guide for Sample Project

    Sample Project usage

    For any problems encountered when using the downloaded SDK or Demo, please see Demo Usage, or submit a ticket for assistance.
    To compile and run the downloaded demo, you need to replace relevant strings with the SDK AppID and key you have applied for. For example, the code file UserConfig.cs needs modification for using the Unity demo. For more information on the service application, please see Voice Service Activation Guide.

    Sample Project debugging

    You can refer to the following documents when performing debugging.
    For issues of room entering failure, see Room Entering Failed.
    For issues of no sound, see Sound and Audio Problems.
    For service calling errors, see Error Codes.
    If the problem persists, please submit a ticket to contact us.

    Demo export

    For any problems encountered when exporting the demo as an executable file, please see Program Export.

    Version Updates

    The v2.9.6 is updated as follows:
    Release Date
    SDK v2.9.6 is released
    Added role setting feature for Voice Chat, increasing support for wargame, SLG games.
    Two accompaniment streams now can be played simultaneously.
    Supported setting the progress of accompaniment when using an online MP3 file as an accompaniment.
    Language detection results can be returned in the text translation feature.
    Translation is supported for Speech-to-Text APIs.
    Added the API for inputting the local 3D location for better adaption to VR scenarios.
    Added the API for 3D voice blocklist, which is used to eliminate 3D sound effects of other gamer’s voice.
    Optimized 3D voice feature. With 3D audio models built into the SDK, developers don’t need to call
    APIs to pass in model path.
    The GME SDK supports Unity WebGL, Xbox gamescore and Unreal Engine 5.
    The GME SDK is compatible with the latest version of PlayStation 5.
    The GME SDK for macOS supports M1 ARM64.
    The GME SDK is compatible with the Bluetooth permission of Android 12.
    Fixed compatibility issues on Android 5.1.
    Fixed memory issue caused by looping voice messages.
    Memory consumption by the SDK is reduced.
    Optimized the startup time of hardware devices to shorten the room entry time.
    Note on Updates:
    To upgrade to v2.9.x, see SDK Version Upgrade Guide.

    SDK v2.9.6 GA Download

    GME SDK also supports game consoles (PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch). Submit a ticket if needed.
    For SDK compilation toolchains on all platforms, see Toolchain.
    Currently, only the ITMG_ROOM_TYPE_FLUENCY audio quality type is provided by default. To use other audio quality types, submit a ticket.
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