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Voice Chat

Last updated: 2024-01-18 11:30:32
    GME's real-time voice service can implement real-time voice chat between two or more players and supports various advanced features, including 3D voice, range voice, and ultra large voice rooms.

    Use Cases

    Voice-enabled team battling
    Game audio interaction and chat
    Social networking in open world games
    Game live streaming, voice chat, and karaoke
    Social networking and board game scenarios requiring real-time voice chat, such as Werewolf and script game


    3D voice

    GME's 3D voice feature enables players to hear a stereo voice with a sense of direction from characters when characters move. The voice also gets weaker as the distance from the source increases, making the game voice more immersive. For more information, see 3D Sound Effect.

    Range voice

    GME determines whether players can chat with each other based on their positions. In the same voice room, a large number of users can turn on their mic to have a voice call. It provides "team only" and "everyone" voice modes unique to battle royale and survival shooter games. For more information, see Range Voice.

    Room management

    GME provides SDKs for you to implement room member management, mic-on/off, and muting. You can also use server APIs to remove players from a room and perform other operations.For more information, see Integrating GME Chat Room Management.

    Ultra large room for 100,000 users

    GME supports an ultra large voice room containing up to 100,000 users and allows multiple users to enter a room at the same time.

    Audio forwarding routing

    GME allows you to set audio forwarding rules and customize the audio senders and recipients. For more information, see Custom Audio Forwarding Routing.

    Custom message channel

    GME supports carrying custom messages during real-time voice chat. For more information, see Custom Message in Audio Package.

    Sound effect and accompaniment

    Voice changing: GME supports voice changing during voice chat. Players can change their tone to that of a middle-aged man, little girl, etc. For more information, see Voice Changing Effects.
    Accompaniment: GME allows players to play back background music from the licensed music library while speaking. For more information, see Accompaniment in Voice Chat.
    Sound effect: GME allows players to add various sound effects during voice chat. For more information, see Real-time Sound Effect.
    Equalizer: GME acts like an equalizer to adjust the captured audio.For more information, see Real-Time Sound Equalizer.

    Product Features

    1. GME supports ultra low-latency voice chat.
    2. GME provides three room audio quality options to perfectly meet the requirements of different scenarios where a smooth call experience or an HD audio quality is required.
    3. GME offers 3D voice technology that brings a virtual stereo sense to players' voice and creates a 3D immersive gaming experience.
    4. GME is compatible with various terminals and adapts to 20,000+ device models with targeted cloud parameters.
    5. GME provides templates of over 50 voice changing effects and supports custom sound effects to make the game voice more amusing.
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