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Basic Feature Demo

Last updated: 2023-04-21 14:44:40
    Tencent Cloud Game Multimedia Engine (GME) is a one-stop voice solution for the gaming industry, featuring top-of-the-line audio quality and supporting a variety of use cases. GME provides various features such as group voice chat, 3D positional voice chat, voice messaging, speech-to-text conversion.
    The demo in this document can run on Android or iOS mobile phones only.
    For Android, scan the QR code below
    For iOS, scan the QR code below

    Demo Features

    The demo demonstrates the following basic GME features:
    Basic Feature
    Voice chat
    Sound quality options: Smooth, standard, and HD sound quality
    Voice chat room
    3D sound effect
    Voice changing effect for voice chat (basic voice changing)
    Voice messaging
    Audio recording by pressing the button, voice message upload, and voice message playback by clicking the button
    Speech-to-text conversion
    Voice messages uploaded in the demo can be converted to text in various languages automatically.

    Login Page

    1. Log in to the system

    Enter your UserID and click Login. Once you are logged in, you will see two new buttons Voice Chat and Voice Message on the screen.

    2. Select a feature

    Click Voice Chat to start a voice chat.
    Click Voice Message to send a voice message.

    Trying out the Voice Chat Feature

    1. Enter a voice chat room

    After login, click Voice Chat to enter the voice chat page.
    RoomId: Room ID. Users with the same room ID will enter the same room.
    RoomType: Sound quality.
    Fluency: Smooth sound quality with an ultra low latency, which is suitable for group chat in games like FPS and MOBA games.
    Standard: Good sound quality with a moderate latency, which is suitable for voice chat in casual games such as Werewolves and board games.
    High Quality: HD sound quality with a relative high latency, which is suitable for gaming scenarios demanding high sound quality such as music playback.

    2. Perform voice chat operations

    On the voice chat page, click JoinRoom to enter a room:
    Talking Members: IDs of the members speaking in the room.
    Mic: If it is selected, the mic is enabled.
    Speaker: If it is selected, the speaker is enabled.
    3D Voice Effect: If it is selected, the 3D sound effect is enabled. You can configure this feature by setting the following parameters:
    Range: Distance range for receiving audio in the distance unit of your game engine.
    X: The audio position along the X axis.
    Y: The audio position along the Y axis.
    Z: The audio position along the Z axis.
    XR: The degrees by which the audio rotates around the X axis.
    YR: The degrees by which the audio rotates around the Y axis.
    ZR: The degrees by which the audio rotates around the Z axis.
    Voice Change: Sound effect for voice chat. You can select different effects. For more information, see Real-time Sound Effect.
    QuitRoom: You can click it to exit the voice chat room and return to the previous page.

    Trying out the Voice Message and Speech-to-Text Conversion Features

    1. Enter the voice messaging feature UI

    After login, click Voice Message to enter the voice messaging page:

    2. Perform operations on the page

    Language: Select the language of the recorded speech. After recording, the speech will be converted into text in the specified language and displayed after Audio-to-Text.
    Push To Talk: Press and hold Push To Talk to start recording and release it to stop recording.
    Audio: Recorded voice message and its duration. Click
    to play back the recording, and click it again to stop the playback.
    Audio-to-Text: Output text.
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