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Advanced Voice Changing Demo

Last updated: 2023-04-21 14:44:40


    Game Multimedia Engine (GME) is a one-stop voice solution for the gaming industry, featuring top-of-the-line audio quality and supporting a variety of use cases. It provides group voice chat, 3D positional voice chat, voice messaging, speech-to-text conversion. By using GME's advanced voice changing effects, players can freely change their voice in voice chat in the game.
    The demo can run on only Windows PCs.


    The demo runs on Windows.
    You need to run two demo programs on the same device or a separate program on two devices in the same LAN.
    Make sure that the computer headset and mic are available.
    You need to activate the voice chat service of GME and get the AppId and Key in advance. For more information on how to apply for GME services, see Activating Services. appId is the AppID and authKey is the permission key in the console. For billing details, see Purchase Guide.


    1. Open the demo

    Click here to download the advanced voice changing effect demo and decompress it. Double-click TMGSDK_For_Audio_ApiExample.exe to open and run it.
    The UI is as follows:

    ###2. Enter AppID and Key

    To initialize the demo, your need to enter the AppID and the permission key, which can be found in Service Management in the GME console. You can apply for GME services as instructed in Activating Services. AppID and Key are the AppID and permission key in the console respectively.
    Keep your AppID and permission key secure.
    Make sure that the userId in the other demo is different from this one.

    3. Initialize the demo

    Click Init to initialize.

    4. Enter a room

    Click EnterRoom to enter the room.

    5. Enable devices

    Click EnableMicEnableSpeakerEnableLoopback to enable devices and in-ear monitoring.

    6. Try out the effect

    Speak into the microphone and experience the voice changing effect.
    Configuration description:
    RoomType: The sound quality varies by value.
    VoiceType: Select a voice template.

    7. Exit the room

    When the test is over, click ExitRoom to exit the room. Otherwise, it may incur additional charges.
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