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Gauge Chart

Last updated: 2022-07-12 16:22:19

    A gauge chart describes a single metric. Unlike an individual value plot, it is generally used with a threshold to measure the metric status. It is suitable for rating scenarios, such as system health monitoring.

    Chart Configuration

    General configuration

    Configuration Item Description
    Basic information Chart Name: Set the display name of the table, which can be left empty.
    Standard configuration Set the unit of all metric-type fields in the chart. For more information, see Unit Configuration.

    Threshold configuration

    Configuration Item Description
    Threshold configuration Threshold point: Set the threshold points. You can add multiple threshold intervals. You can click a threshold color to open the color picker to customize the color.
    MAX/MIN: Control the maximum and minimum values on the gauge. Data outside the range will not be displayed on the chart.

    Threshold configuration example:

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