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Last updated: 2023-12-29 14:45:14
The blocklist/allowlist feature of WAF allows you to add access source IPs that pass WAF-protected domains to the blocklist or allowlist and add multiple HTTP sections to the precise allowlist. Key features include IP blocklist/allowlist settings and precise allowlist settings.
IP blocklist/allowlist setting: You can set domain name-specific, IP range-specific, or global IP blocklist/allowlist rules.
Precise allowlist setting: You can add the access requests from specified public network users to the allowlist by combining and matching HTTP message sections such as request path, GET parameters, POST parameters, Referer, and User-Agent.
Meanwhile, you can add a domain name-specific or global blocklist/allowlist which will take effect in the following priority order:
The priority of the blocklist/allowlist is only lower than that of the custom precise allowlist, but higher than that of other detection logic.
The priority of blocklist/allowlist settings is in descending order: precise allowlist > global allowlist > domain name-specific allowlist > domain name-specific blocklist > global blocklist > other WAF module logic.
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