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Last updated: 2022-03-30 16:22:18

    API Full Lifecycle Management

    • Provides complete service (API grouping) and API lifecycle management.
    • Version management is supported. A version is generated automatically after the API is released. You can switch to any earlier version quickly.
    • Provides API calling logs and monitoring graphs. Users can view the traffic changes clearly.

    API Plugins

    • Hot update is supported. After a plugin is bound to an API, it can take effect immediately.
    • Tencent Cloud provides multiple plugin templates to implement the capabilities such as custom CORS, advanced traffic throttling, cache and parameters routing.
    • Custom plugins are supported. You can write SCF code to modify the data stream.

    API Security

    • Multiple authentication methods such as key pair and OAuth2.0 are supported.
    • Configuration of both IP blocklist and allowlist at the API level is supported.
    • API mapping and converting is supported, and the real backend is hidden.
    • Connection with Tencent Cloud security products such as WAF and BSP is supported.

    Open APIs for Use by External Developers

    • Automatic documentation and SDK based on OpenAPI 3.0 Specification are supported.
    • APIs can be sold in Tencent Cloud market.
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