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Last updated: 2020-07-09 11:05:59

    API Gateway

    API Gateway implements full-lifecycle API management to help you easily manage APIs in different stages such as creation, maintenance, release, and monitoring. With the aid of API Gateway, you can encapsulate various backend businesses into APIs for service provision to users. In addition, API Gateway makes it easy for you to manage API documentation, test APIs, and generate SDKs.

    API Gateway APIs

    API Gateway APIs are TencentCloud APIs provided for managing various configurations in API Gateway.

    Parameter Mapping

    Parameter mapping refers to the transition from frontend parameter to backend parameter in API Gateway. It maps a frontend input parameter to a parameter of the actual backend service.
    By default, parameter mapping will map the input parameters with the same name and parameter position. You can change the parameter mapping method as needed; for example, you can map the input parameters from Path to the parameters in Query in the backend service.

    Backend Configuration

    Backend configuration refers to the configurations that connect to the actual backend service and provide specific features.

    Frontend Configuration

    Frontend configuration refers to the configurations exposed to users and provided for external access and use.

    Request Method

    Request method specifies what operation the client wants to perform on a specified resource/server. It is an HTTP method, including GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, and HEAD.

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