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Use Limits

Last updated: 2020-05-08 17:49:28

The use limits of API Gateway under a single tenant are as follows:

Category Limit
Services under one tenant 50
APIs in one service 200
Custom domain names in one service 5
Usage plans under one tenant 200
Key pairs under one tenant 400
Keys bound to one usage plan 50
Usage plans bound to one key pair 10
Maximum QPS allowed in one usage plan 2,000
APIs bound to one usage plan 10,000
Maximum QPS supported by one service 5,000
Uploadable file size in one request 16 MB
  • In a shared API Gateway cluster, the maximum QPS a single service can support is 5,000, and this value cannot be increased.
  • If you need a higher QPS, you can activate the performance-optimized cluster service of API Gateway by submitting a ticket.
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