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Authentication-Free API

Last updated: 2021-06-01 14:54:45


    This document describes how to call an API that requires no authentication.


    Creating a no-auth API

    1. In the API Gateway console, create an API with Authentication Type set to No authentication (see API Creation Overview).
    2. Publish the service to which the API belongs to the release environment (see Service Release and Deactivation).

    Confirming information

    Before calling the API, you must obtain information including the API’s request path, request method, and request parameters, which can be found in the Default Access Address section of the API’s details page.

    Preparing tools

    You can initiate requests from sources including browsers, browser plugins, Postman, and clients. Postman is recommended for simple validation.


    1. Below is the basic information of an API.
      Public domain name: http://service-p52nqnd0-1253970226.gz.apigw.tencentcs.com
      Published environment: release
      Access path: /api
      Request method: GET
      The default access address of an API is in the format of “public domain name or VPC domain name/published environment/access path”, so the default access address of the above API is: http://service-p52nqnd0-1253970226.gz.apigw.tencentcs.com/release/api.
    2. Enter the access address in Postman, select GET as the request method, set the request parameters, and click Send to call the API.
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