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Request Structure

Last updated: 2024-03-11 11:06:22

    1. Service Address

    The API supports access from either a nearby region (at trtc.tencentcloudapi.com) or a specified region (at trtc.ap-guangzhou.tencentcloudapi.com for Guangzhou, for example).

    We recommend using the domain name to access the nearest server. When you call an API, the request is automatically resolved to a server in the region nearest to the location where the API is initiated. For example, when you initiate an API request in Guangzhou, this domain name is automatically resolved to a Guangzhou server, the result is the same as that of specifying the region in the domain like "trtc.ap-guangzhou.tencentcloudapi.com".

    Note: For latency-sensitive businesses, we recommend that you specify the region in the domain name.

    Tencent Cloud currently supports the following regions:

    Hosted region Domain name
    Local access region (recommended, only for non-financial availability zones) trtc.tencentcloudapi.com
    South China (Guangzhou) trtc.ap-guangzhou.tencentcloudapi.com
    East China (Shanghai) trtc.ap-shanghai.tencentcloudapi.com
    North China (Beijing) trtc.ap-beijing.tencentcloudapi.com
    Southwest China (Chengdu) trtc.ap-chengdu.tencentcloudapi.com
    Southwest China (Chongqing) trtc.ap-chongqing.tencentcloudapi.com
    Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan (Hong Kong, China) trtc.ap-hongkong.tencentcloudapi.com
    Southeast Asia (Singapore) trtc.ap-singapore.tencentcloudapi.com
    Southeast Asia (Bangkok) trtc.ap-bangkok.tencentcloudapi.com
    South Asia (Mumbai) trtc.ap-mumbai.tencentcloudapi.com
    Northeast Asia (Seoul) trtc.ap-seoul.tencentcloudapi.com
    Northeast Asia (Tokyo) trtc.ap-tokyo.tencentcloudapi.com
    U.S. East Coast (Virginia) trtc.na-ashburn.tencentcloudapi.com
    U.S. West Coast (Silicon Valley) trtc.na-siliconvalley.tencentcloudapi.com
    North America (Toronto) trtc.na-toronto.tencentcloudapi.com
    Europe (Frankfurt) trtc.eu-frankfurt.tencentcloudapi.com

    2. Communications Protocol

    All the Tencent Cloud APIs communicate via HTTPS, providing highly secure communication tunnels.

    3. Request Methods

    Supported HTTP request methods:

    • POST (recommended)
    • GET

    The Content-Type types supported by POST requests:

    • application/json (recommended). The TC3-HMAC-SHA256 signature algorithm must be used.
    • application/x-www-form-urlencoded. The HmacSHA1 or HmacSHA256 signature algorithm must be used.
    • multipart/form-data (only supported by certain APIs). You must use TC3-HMAC-SHA256 to calculate the signature.

    The size of a GET request packet is up to 32 KB. The size of a POST request is up to 1 MB when the HmacSHA1 or HmacSHA256 signature algorithm is used, and up to 10 MB when TC3-HMAC-SHA256 is used.

    4. Character Encoding

    Only UTF-8 encoding is used.

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