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TRTC Call Official Editions Launched

Last updated: 2023-09-19 09:45:55
    We have ended beta testing for TRTC Call on June 2 and are now offering official TRTC Call editions.


    1. The official editions of TRTC Call include 1-to-1 Call and Group Call. For details, see Features and Pricing of TRTC Call Packages.
    2. A application that was subscribed to the TRTC Call trial edition during beta testing can continue to use the edition's features within its validity period. You can also upgrade it to the official edition (1-to-1 Call or Group Call) whenever you want.
    3. We will continue to offer the trial edition. The features will be the same, but the validity period will become 7 days.
    4. Each application (SDKAppID) can try out TRTC Call twice, and each account (UIN) can try out TRTC Call 10 times in total. The trial edition used during beta testing will also be counted in.

    Features and Pricing of TRTC Call Packages

    You need to buy a TRTC Call package first before you can use TUICallKit. For the features and prices of different package editions, see the table below. For more billing details, see TRTC Call Monthly Packages.
    If you created Chat applications before and your Chat usage is billed based on DAU, the pricing below does not apply. Please refer to Chat documentation to learn how to purchase and use TRTC Call.
    1-to-1 Call
    Group Call
    As low as 0 USD for 7 days
    598 USD/month
    1,298 USD/month
    (Chat plan + Call package)
    Any Chat plan (as low as 0 USD)
    Call Trial(0 USD for 7 days)
    Chat Standard (399 USD/month)
    1-to-1 Call (199 USD/month)
    Chat Premium (699 USD/month)
    Group Call (599 USD/month)
    10,000 minutes/month
    10,000 minutes/month
    10,000 minutes/month
    200,000 minutes/month
    600,000 minutes/month
    Pay-as-you-go upon exhaustion
    (within the validity of the package)
    Services become unavailable after exhaustion.
    Chat usage
    Peak MAU
    Depends on the Chat plan edition.
    TRTC Call
    Audio/Video calls
    Complete UI
    Call status display
    Call notifications
    (If the application is not in the foreground, push notifications will be sent.)
    Floating window
    (The call page can be displayed as a floating window.)
    Custom ringtones
    Make/Answer/Decline/Hang up a call
    Video call switch to Audio call
    1-to-1 call
    Group call
    Invite to/Join ongoing calls
    Multi-platform call
    (A successful connection will automatically terminate requests from other platforms.)
    Multi-device call
    (A user can be logged in to multiple devices of the same platform, for example, multiple iOS devices, and join a call.)
    AI noise suppression
    (Removes background noises with the help of AI.)
    Less stutter under poor network conditions
    (Reduces stutter rate and loading time under poor network conditions.)
    On-cloud recording
    On-cloud mixtranscoding
    Relay to CSS
    Chat features
    Supported platforms
    iOS, Android, web, Flutter
    iOS, Android, web, Flutter
    iOS, Android, web, Flutter
    Technical support
    Response time:
    5 day/12 hour
    P1 - 2 hours
    P2 - 6 hours
    P3 - 12 hours
    Response time:
    7 day/24 hour
    P1 - 1 hour
    P2 - 4 hours
    P3 - 8 hours
    Ticket and email support
    Ticket and email support
    Telegram group
    Telegram group
    1. Package costs: The underlying capabilities of TRTC Call rely on the Chat service. Therefore, a TRTC Call monthly package is purchased together with a Chat plan by default, and the package costs include the cost of a TRTC Call monthly package and that of a Chat plan. You can choose any edition for the Chat plan (the Developer edition is free).
    2. Package duration: The duration of a package can be used to deduct your call durations. If you use the trial edition, services will become unavailable for your application after you use up the package. If you use TRTC 1-to-1 Call or TRTC Group Call, after you use up the package, your additional usage will be charged at pay-as-you-go rates.
    3. Free minutes: Each Tencent Cloud account will get 10,000 free minutes per usage cycle (a usage cycle is one month) after it buys a TRTC Call package. The free minutes can deduct usage of both TRTC Call features and TRTC basic features such as on-cloud recording and on-cloud mixtranscoding. To learn more, see Free Minutes.
    4. Package bonus minutes: Bonus minutes can deduct your call durations. They are valid for one month and will expire at the end of each usage cycle.
    5. TRTC basic features: In addition to TRTC Call features, you can also use TRTC's basic features, which will incur additional fees. For the billing details, see Billing of On-Cloud Recording and Billing of MixTranscoding and Relay to CDN.
    To learn more about the packages, see TRTC Call Monthly Packages. For how to activate TRTC Call and download the component, see Audio/Video Call. For how to integrate TRTC Call capabilities into your application, see Integration (TUICallKit).
    TRTC Team
    June 2, 2023
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