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TRTC Live (TUILiveKit) Product Launch Announcement

Last updated: 2024-04-26 15:00:05
    Dear users,
    TRTC Live (TUILiveKit) is to be officially launched on April 22, 2024 Beijing Time (UTC+8). This product is designed specifically for interactive live streaming scenarios such as social entertainment, online shopping, fitness guidance, and online classroom, aiming to bring a new interactive experience to your app.


    Product Highlights

    Out-of-the-Box: Live provides both broadcaster and viewer UI kits with complete components and user interfaces closely tailored to live streaming business APIs, significantly reducing development complexity for customers. With just a few lines of code modification, interactive live streaming capabilities can be quickly launched, saving 90% of development time.
    Rich interactive live streaming features: It supports multiple interactive features such as Chat and Emoji, Send gift, Like, and Multi-guest, while also supporting configuration capabilities such as audience management, audience tag, face beautification, background music, and floating window, suitable for a variety of live streaming business scenarios.
    Ultra-low latency & High quality: It delivers latency below 300 milliseconds, supports 2K and 4K, and adopts optimized networking and efficient encoding technologies to ensure a smoother, more immediate real-time interactive experience between viewers and broadcasters.
    Flexible UI customization: It provides open-source components for standard live streaming UI, which can be used directly or flexibly modified based on specific business scenarios to meet requirements.

    Get Started for Free

    TRTC Live will offer a free trial version (0 USD/month) upon launch, with a 14-day testing period that can be extended once, totaling 28 days. Additionally, 10,000 minutes of audio and video duration will be provided monthly. For detailed activation instructions, see Activate the service (TUILiveKit). For detailed billing and features for Live, see TRTC Live Monthly Packages. For more information, see Component introduction (TUILiveKit).

    Integration Guide

    Integrated documentation: See Quick integration (TUILiveKit) to quickly integrate live streaming capabilities into your application.

    Support and Help

    Technical support: We provide professional Technical support to ensure your integration process is smooth.
    Communities and Forums: Join our Developer community to exchange insights with other developers and grow together.
    FAQ: FAQs answer page, to quickly resolve your doubts.
    We look forward to your participation and starting a new chapter in interactive live streaming together!
    Best regards,
    The Live (TUILiveKit) team
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