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Last updated: 2022-05-18 11:22:09

    Lossless Performance

    Non-intrusive collection completely avoids huge consumption of CVM bandwidth and CPU in traditional collection methods.


    Non-intrusive collection requires no plugins installed in the CVM, eliminating your security concerns. Besides, it helps to clarify that collector has no responsibility in case of failure.

    Full-Time and Full-Flow Collection

    Powerful packet processing capability can collect the ENI traffic of the entire network and accurately reflect the status of your business network, helping you get a full picture of the cloud network quality.

    Strong Real-Timeness

    Real-time collection of massive network flow data can help enterprises quickly perform business analysis, trend judgment, and decision-making response.

    Ease of Management

    The service can be activated instantly and is easy to manage. With this service, you can improve Ops efficiency, focus more on core business innovation, and enhance enterprise competitiveness.

    Visual Analysis

    You can visually view and analyze flow log data in the dashboard, which is easy to use and delivers a higher Ops efficiency.

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