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Last updated: 2020-02-17 14:01:08

    Real-time logs of other cloud products such as CVM, CDB and TKE and the stocked and incremental business data can be aggregated and transferred to the ES cluster for distributed data storage, query and analysis.

    Data collection and synchronization

    • You can use the Beats feature in ES to transfer data to ES cluster for storage, or to Logstash for custom conversion and parse before transferring them to ES cluster.
    • ES provides easy-to-use RESTful API for you to develop your own client, and you can call the data storage API to store the data in ES clusters.
    • ES is built in a VPC, and you can easily use various data synchronization plug-ins to sync the data of existing cloud products into ES clusters.

    Data storage

    • ES provides different types of nodes and high-performance SSDs, ensuring the data read/write performance.
    • It can be elastically scaled to hundreds of nodes for data storage at the petabyte level, satisfying the needs of different business scenarios.
    • It can detect and replace faulty nodes, ensuring high cluster availability.
    • It features full-text search.

    Data query, analysis and visualization

    • ES features full-text search, structured query, data filtering, metric statistics etc., which is applicable to information search, data analysis and many other scenarios.
    • ES provides easy-to-use RESTful API and clients in various languages for you to build your own search services.
    • With Kibana, you can easily search and statistically analyze cluster data in a browser.
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