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Backward Compatibility

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    Starting from V5.4.23, the .NET SDK has been compatible with .NET Framework 4.0 and earlier versions. You can run it by adding the COSXML-Compatible.dll library.


    • Integration with NuGet might not be supported in compatible environments. For more information about the integration, see Adding Reference.
    • All advanced APIs (e.g., advanced upload and checkpoint restart download) are not available in COSXML-Compatible.dll.

    Adding Reference

    Currently, you can only add the .dll file manually as follows:

    1. Download COSXML-Compatible.dll at Releases.
    2. In your Visual Studio project, click Project > Add Reference > Browse > COSXML-Compatible.dll to add the .NET SDK.

    How to Use

    You can use it in the same way as the general .NET SDK, except that you need to note the following:

    1. If you access COS via HTTPS with .NET Framework 4.0 or an earlier version, issues may occur. If a request over HTTPS fails, you can disable it and try again.
    2. The compatible .NET does not support the advanced APIs below. You can access COS with other APIs.
    Namespace Class Description
    COSXML.Transfer COSXMLCopyTask Advanced copy API
    COSXML.Transfer COSXMLDownloadTask Advanced download API
    COSXML.Transfer COSXMLTask Advanced API abstract class
    COSXML.Transfer COSXMLUploadTask Advanced upload API
    COSXML.Transfer TransferManager Transfer task control class

    Unknown Issues

    The compatible package is still in the prerelease phase. If you encounter any other issues not listed above, please submit an issue on GitHub.

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