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Advanced Image Compression

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    This document provides an overview of APIs and SDK code samples related to advanced image compression.

    API Operation
    Advanced image compression Compresses images in a specified bucket

    SDK API References

    For the parameters and method descriptions of all the APIs in the SDK, see SDK API Reference.

    Advanced Image Compression


    Advanced image compression allows you to easily convert images into formats that provide a high compression ratio, such as TPG and HEIF. This effectively reduces the transmission time, loading time, and the use of bandwidth and traffic.

    Sample code: performing advanced image compression upon download

    String bucket = "examplebucket-1250000000"; // Bucket, formatted as BucketName-APPID
    String cosPath = "exampleobject"; // The location identifier of the object in the bucket, i.e., the object key
    String savePath = context.getExternalCacheDir().toString(); // Local path
    GetObjectRequest getObjectRequest = new GetObjectRequest(bucket, cosPath,
    getObjectRequest.addQuery("imageMogr2/format/tpg", null);
    cosXmlService.getObjectAsync(getObjectRequest, new CosXmlResultListener() {
       public void onSuccess(CosXmlRequest cosXmlRequest,
                             CosXmlResult cosXmlResult) {
           GetObjectResult getObjectResult = (GetObjectResult) cosXmlResult;
        // If you use the Kotlin language to call this, please note that the exception in the callback method is nullable; otherwise, the onFail method will not be called back, that is:
       // clientException is of type CosXmlClientException? and serviceException is of type CosXmlServiceException?
       public void onFail(CosXmlRequest cosXmlRequest,
                          @Nullable CosXmlClientException clientException,
                          @Nullable CosXmlServiceException serviceException) {
           if (clientException != null) {
           } else {

    For more samples, please visit GitHub.

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