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Setting Log Analysis

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    If COS log storage is enabled, you can use the log analysis feature to further analyze the generated log files. This feature consolidates log files within a specified time range for statistical analysis and extracts key metrics for your reference.


    To use the log analysis feature, you need to Enable COS Log Storage, and then create a log analysis function. For detailed instructions, see Adding Log Analysis Function.


    1. Log in to the COS console.
    2. Choose Bucket List on the left sidebar.
    3. Click the bucket that requires log analysis.
    4. On the left sidebar, select Log Management > Logging.

      To use the log analysis feature, first enable log storage as instructed in Setting Logging.

    5. If you have added a COS log analysis function, click Use Now in the COS Log Analysis section. The system will check whether you have added log analysis function rules.
      If you haven’t added such a function, add one as instructed in Adding Log Analysis Function.
    6. Select a corresponding function and time range. Click New Analysis Task and configure the following information in the pop-up window:
    • Time Range: Period of logs you want to analyze, up to 30 days. Logs are retrieved according to end time. Logs in the specified time range cannot exceed 200 GB.
    • Cloud Function: Select a COS log analysis function added in the region where this bucket resides.
    • Product Destination Directory: After analysis, the output result will be zipped and saved to the directory you set. The output file contains result file and inventory file. Result file is based on the scenario you select. Inventory file refers to the log file list retrieved for this analysis.
    • Scenario: Scenario supported by this analysis.
    • Value of N: It must be a positive integer.
    • Task Description: Custom description.
    1. Click Confirm.

      You can perform the following operations on the created task:

    • Click View Result to view the result of this analysis task and where the result files are saved.

      • You can query log analysis tasks created in the last 3 days.
      • You can view the result only after a log analysis task is finished. A task takes a few to tens of minutes depending on the log size.
    • Click Running Log to go to the SCF console and view logs of COS log analysis.
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