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Error Codes

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    Client Return Codes

    Error Code Description
    101 Guid request timeout.
    701 SDK exception.
    801 Persistent connection timeout.
    901 Persistent connection error.
    1001 Unable to obtain the vendor token because deviceToken is empty.
    1101 Device network error.
    1102 Not registered.
    1103 App information or routing configuration error.
    1104 Business API’s operation type pass-in error.
    1105 Business API’s parameter pass-in error.
    1106 Business API’s parameters are empty.
    1107 Not supported by the system.
    1110 Start failed.
    1111 Insufficient memory.
    1501 Failed to establish persistent connection.
    1502 Failed to establish persistent connection and the app was not running in the foreground.

    Server Return Codes

    Error Code Description
    1010001 No resources are deployed. Please check whether the application has purchased push resources.
    1008001 Parameter parsing error.
    1008002 The required parameter is missing.
    1008003 Authentication failed.
    1008004 Service call failed.
    1008006 Invalid token. Please check whether the device token has been successfully registered.
    1008007 Parameter verification failed.
    1008011 File upload failed.
    1008012 The uploaded file is empty.
    1008013 Certificate parsing error.
    1008015 The push task ID does not exist.
    1008016 Incorrect date and time parameter format.
    1008019 Failed to pass the content security review.
    1008020 Certificate package name verification failed.
    1008021 Failed to pass the p12 certificate verification.
    1008022 Incorrect p12 certificate password.
    1008025 Application creation failed. The application already exists under the product.
    1008026 Batch operation partially failed.
    1008027 Batch operation fully failed.
    1008028 Frequency limit exceeded.
    1008029 Invalid token.
    1008030 Unpaid application.
    1008031 The application resource has been terminated.
    10110008 The queried token and account do not exist.
    10010005 The push target does not exist.
    ` 10010012 Invalid push time. Please change the push time.
    If send_time passed in is earlier than the current time, the rules are as follows:
    • If send_time is 10 minutes or less earlier than the current time, the push task is created, and the API schedules the task immediately when receiving it.
    • If send_time is over 10 minutes earlier than the current time, the push task is rejected, and the API returns a failure message.
    10010018 Repeated push.
    10030002 AccessID and AccessKey do not match.




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