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Based on Tencent comprehensive audio/video PaaS product and services offering, V+ Ecosystem attracts over 200 global ecological partners. With the goal of market expansion and achieving mutual accomplishments, V+ seek to achieve a win-win, sharing, and co-build ecosystem model with global partners.

Join hands with Tencent Cloud Media Services partners and create future ecosystem of Immersive Convergence together
Global Ecological Partners
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V+ Cooperation Modes
Channel Partner
Live show streaming, commercial live streaming, game live streamingJointly create media service product sales system, enhance product consulting, sales, and service capabilities, and achieve sales and service integration.
Service Partner
Jointly build media service product service system to provide customers with cloud Ops and implementation services.
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V+ Partner Training Program

Media Services V+ Partner Training Program provides the latest and most comprehensive Media Services & Edge Service PaaS product knowledge for V+ partners. Hope V+ partners could strengthen product capabilities and explore more possibilities after finishing the course.

Tencent Real-Time Communication (TRTC)

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Tencent Cloud Streaming Services (CSS)

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Tencent Cloud Media Processing Service (MPS)

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Tencent Cloud Video on Demand (VOD)

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Tencent Cloud EdgeOne (EO)

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    V+ Collaborative Products
    Build real-time social messaging capabilities with all the features into your applications and websites based on powerful chat APIs, SDKs and UIKit components.
    Learn more >
    Tencent Real-Time Communication (TRTC)
    Run a demo within one minute and build solutions for audio/video calls or interactive live streaming within 30 minutes.
    Learn more >
    Video on Demand (VOD)
    Enjoy high-quality media services on a one-stop video-on-demand (VOD) platform, including audio/video production, upload, storage, transcoding, media processing, media AI, accelerated delivery and playback, and copyright protection.
    Learn more >
    Cloud Streaming Services (CSS)
    A low-latency, accessible and high-speed live video broadcasting service.
    Learn more >
    Megazone Cloud Corporation
    Mobile Live Video Broadcasting
    Quickly integrate high quality live streaming capabilities into your mobile applications. The MLVB SDK delivers the live stream publishing and playback services of Tencent Cloud CSS, as well as host/viewer interaction, cross-room communication, and more.
    Learn more >
    Media Processing Service (MPS)
    An intelligent, powerful, and versatile multimedia data processing service.
    Learn more >
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