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Become Channel Partners
Tencent Cloud’s Channel Partners can apply to become Standard, Silver, Gold and Platinum Partners when they meet the respective requirements:
Partner Tier Program RequirementStandardSilverGoldPlatinum
Minimum Tencent Cloud yearly revenue (USD)150001500001500000
Tencent Cloud Practitioner certification224
Tencent Cloud Solutions Architect Associate certification224
Tencent Cloud Solutions Architect Professional certification22
Annual business plan with TencentProvide 1
business plan
Provide 1
business plan
Co-develop 1
joint business plan
Customer success story12
Eligible partners can enjoy the following benefits:
Partner Tier Program BenefitsStandardSilverGoldPlatinum
Technical Benefits
Access to online training materials and support////
Access to Tencent Cloud’s website to obtain dedicated documents and support////
Certification training////
Certification vouchers///
Dedicated solution architect for support/
Marketing Benefits
Marketing Amplifier Program (Marketing Development Fund)////
Tencent Cloud newsletter subscription////
Usage of Tencent Cloud’s Partner Badge////
Company listing in Tencent Cloud’s Partner Directory///
Logo feature in Tencent Cloud’s Partner Portal//
Participation in Tencent Cloud’s marketing activities//
Joint case study opportunities//
Joint press release development//
Opportunities for co-branding and co-marketing activities//
Premier Partner Award//
Sales & Management Benefits
Partner online support////
Partner voucher benefit (details subject to Tencent Cloud’s approval)////
Joint customer development with Tencent Cloud’s sales team///
Rebate of order amount (details subject to Tencent Cloud’s approval)//
Dedicated partner manager for support/
Marketing Amplifier Program

Support partners with marketing funds and brand service for collaborating with us and to celebrate our growth together.

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