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Tencent Cloud Pricing
Enjoy maximum value to your business in the most cost-effective way of cloudification.

Products and Services

  • Compute and Container
  • Storage
  • Networking and CDN
  • Security
  • Database
  • Management and Audit Tools
  • Big Data
  • Middleware and Communication
  • Media Services
  • Game Services
  • Developer Services
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Microservice and Serverless
  • AI
Special Event


Tencent Real-Time Communication (TRTC) offers solutions for multi-person audio/video call and low-latency interactive live streaming. With TRTC, you can quickly develop cost-effective, low-latency, and high-quality interactive audio/video services.

720P and 1080P
Sample rate
48 kHz
128 Kbps
Free Monthly Quota
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Cloud Object Storage (COS) is a distributed storage service for storing high numbers of files. You can store and view data at any time over the network. COS has a rich set of features designed for both organizational and individual users in various use cases, including data management, remote disaster recovery, data access acceleration, and data processing.

10 Gbit/s
Android, C, C++, .NET, etc.
Free for 6 months
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Anti-Cheat Expert (ACE) offers the same game security solution used by blockbuster games with tens of millions of DAUs such as Honor of Kings and Free Fire. It protects your game security 24/7 with a cheat detection accuracy rate of over 99.99%.

Unity3D, Cocos2D
Android、C++ 、C#
Free for 1 month
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Web Application Firewall (WAF) provides a full range of application-layer protection services for websites and effectively defends against various attacks such as OWASP top 10 attacks and layer-7 DDoS attacks.

Premium Edition version
Free for 1 month
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How do you pay for Tencent Cloud
Pay-As-You-Go Billing

Pay according to the actual usage and duration of use, without paying the initial cost. support the purchase at any time and release at any time, and the configurationcan be flexibly adjusted according to the business situation.

Annual and monthly subcription

Reserving sufficient resources after paying in advance can effectively reduce risks, manage budgets more predictably, and enjoy substantial discounts.

Tiered pricing, the more you save

Adopting the tiered pricing model, the larger the business scale, the more cost savings. The greater the usuage, the lower the unite price. The longer the usage, the greater the discount.

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