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Audio Moderation System
Audio Moderation System (AMS) can automatically recognize content in audio that may be offensive, unsafe, or inappropriate. It allows you to customize blocked keywords to recognize custom types of audio content.
Audio Moderation System
Pornographic Recognition

Recognizes obscene words in audio. This greatly reduces your content operations costs and is suitable for various on-demand/live video and audio use cases.

Audio Moderation System
Ad Detection

Identifies traffic-diverting, spam, phishing, and fraud ads in audio through audio transcription to maintain a safe user experience.

Audio Moderation System
Vulgarity Detection

Recognizes filthy, vulgar, and other sexually suggestive content contained in audio.


Recognizes the speeches of hosts to identify the information that is not suitable for dissemination in real time, so as to protect the security of platform content operations.

Audio Moderation System

Recognizes speeches in game chat channels to block harmful content such as phishing, traffic-diverting, and pornographic ads.

Audio Moderation System

AMS is billed in a pay-as-you-go manner. For more details, see Purchase Guide.

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