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Analysis Platform for Pneumonia CT Image
A platform for quick, automatic, and accurate chest CT image analysis

Analysis Platform for Pneumonia CT Image intelligently analyzes and processes the data of chest CT images. It identifies pneumonia symptoms, performs lesion segmentation, quantitatively evaluates lesions, registers images, and compares follow-up images, fulfilling the requirements for pneumonia CT image analysis and research.


The identification of pneumonia symptoms is highly accurate.


Data of chest CT images can be analyzed within seconds.


A rich set of easy-to-use image analysis tools are available.

Pneumonia Symptom Identification

Automatically recognizes pneumonia symptom in chest CT images.

Lesion Segmentation

Automatically segments out lesions.

Quantitative Analysis

Analyzes lesion volume and CT value distribution.

Histogram Analysis

Analyzes histograms of CT values for the left and right lungs and compares the data with that of healthy lungs.


Data of chest CT images can be analyzed to meet the needs of scientific research.

Data of multiple chest CT images can be manually or automatically compared and analyzed.

Analysis reports can be generated in bulk and quickly exported.


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