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Cloud Application Rendering

Cloud Application Rendering (CAR) enables you to move your application to the cloud, where it can be rendered and then streamed to users in real time. Users can access and use your application directly through a mobile or web page, without the need to download bulky application packages.

Cloud Application Rendering

By leveraging Tencent Cloud's strong GPU computing power and top audio/video streaming technologies, CAR enables your applications to be rendered in the cloud and streamed to end-user devices in real time. With CAR, users can interact with your cloud application from anywhere through web pages, apps, TV screens, or other devices with no download or complicated configurations required. CAR features ultra low latency, ultra high image quality, and has seen many successful use cases in cloud games, virtual conferences and exhibitions, virtual business centers, virtual cities, and other scenarios.


Leveraging Tencent's distributed edge computing nodes, flexible GPU virtualization technology, and low latency audio/video streaming capabilities, CAR enables you to cloudify your application so users can access and use it from their own device without the need to download bulky installation packages. CAR provides APIs and SDKs that support users across various devices and business scenarios.


Online Marketing

Car models, real estate models, exhibition halls, and other HD applications with rich details rely on high-performance computers for rendering. In scenarios such as offline shopping guides, small venues, and online sales, these applications often cannot be opened and used immediately on end-user devices.


By connecting to CAR, you can render high-quality 3D models in the cloud, which users can instantly view via an app or web page, or it can be displayed on a large exhibition screen. This makes it much easier for users to view your content, broadens your sales reach, and allows you to market your products around the world more efficiently.

Virtual Conference

As 3D virtual meeting scenarios become more and more complex, the computing requirements for end-user devices becomes increasingly high. Applications developed with some engines cannot be installed and used on mobile platforms, and applications themselves are frequently updated and iterated, which severely impacts the user experience.


  • CAR lets your application run in the cloud. The end user only needs a stable network connection to stream the application to their device.
  • With CAR, you can update and manage the versions of your application in the console. Updates immediately take effect in the cloud, so your users can always access the latest application version with no download needed.

Culture and Tourism

Digital twin environments, such as restored historical sites and digital museums, rely heavily on the computing power of end-user devices for rendering. These environments usually cannot be opened on traditional personal computers and mobile devices, making it impossible for many users to access and experience digital twin content.


You can deploy your digital twin application in CAR so your users can open it via mobile app or their web page. This makes it much easier for users from anywhere to view your digital twin content in its full quality.


CAR is billed by the cloud application rendering concurrency. Concurrency represents the collection of virtual computing resources, including CPU, bandwidth, disk, and GPU, required for one user to render your application content. Concurrency is prepaid in a monthly or daily subscribed manner. For more information, see Billing Overview.