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Cloud Contact Center

Reliable, Elastic, Effortless Cloud Contact Center solutions to fit into your business, regardless of the size, location or business stage.


Cloud Contact Center provides a unified platform seamlessly integrating phone, online messaging, and audio-video communication for customer service, sales, and work colloboration. Our product can be easily integrated with SaaS or CRM systems, allowing you to harness the power of TCCC and enhance your business communications.

Use Cases
  • Cross-device inbound: PCs, mobiles, desk phones

  • View caller details instantly

  • Agile agent management

  • Streamlined call analytics and feedback collection

  • Cross-device outbound: PCs and mobiles

  • Customer number privacy protection

  • Call recordings and ananlytical reports

  • No hardware, low-cost setup

  • Seamless cloud integration for legacy system

  • Sync across devices: phones, PCs, Landline

  • Call tracking and analytics

Our Highlights

Our service caters to businesses of all sizes, from startups to global enterprises.

Flexible Integration Mode

Flexible SDKs & APIs to adapt to your business process and demand.


With WebRTC, our Console and Management Panel offer hassle-free access through browsers - no downloads needed.

AI-powered solutions

Streamline process automation and enhance self-service, boosting agent productivity while reducing labor costs.

Key features

Agents answer customers' inbound calls while simultaneously accessing customer information and viewing service history, providing an enhanced customer experience.


Beyond manual dialing, auto dialer and predictive dialing, powered by AI, offer flexible modes to cater to various levels of business needs.

Analytics & Recording

Leverage analytics and data-driven insights to optimize customer interactions, assess agent performance, and monitor call quality for smarter decision-making


By integrating IVR with various routing strategies, efficiently direct customer interactions to the most suitable agents, ensuring timely and efficient support.


Create interactive voice menus to automate caller requests using a simple drag-and-drop process. Automate service flow ueries can be addressed instangtly thus to enhance agent productivity.

Predictive Dialing

Cater to large-scale outbound calls with AI-driven scheduling, improving agent utilization and reducing costs. Maximize call efficiency and minimize expenses effortlessly.

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