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Cloud Data Warehouse for PostgreSQL

A convenient and cost-effective in-cloud data warehousing service


Tencent Cloud Data Warehouse for PostgreSQL (CDWPG) offers a simple, fast, and cost-effective petabyte-level data warehouse solution in the cloud. It is compatible with the open-source data warehouse Greenplum and based on the massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture.

Elastic Scaling

CDWPG delivers convenient and elastic scalability, allowing you to add hundreds of nodes and adjust their configurations easily through the console or TencentCloud API. You can choose to scale the compute unit, CPU, memory, and storage proportionally to better match your business needs and growth.

Ease of Use

Cluster management, monitoring, and maintenance can be done in the console, freeing you from the cumbersome O&M of the underlying infrastructure. CDWPG fully conforms to the ANSI 2008 standard for SQL, so you can build an enterprise-grade data warehouse with standard SQL.

Seamless Integration

CDWPG supports unlimited expansion of the storage capacity withCOS. It can work with a wide variety of tools and solutions to enable high-speed data import from multiple sources for aggregation and analysis in the cloud, such as traditional relational databases, CKafka, and Oceanus.

Best-in-Class Performance

CDWPG leverages a distributed MPP framework to linearly scale the storage and computing capabilities. Thanks to its hybrid row/column-oriented storage and deeply optimized query engine, it offers an optimal storage solution for your business to query data several times faster than traditional data warehouses.

High Security and Reliability

A CDWPG cluster has two nodes for redundancy to implement failover and disaster recovery imperceptible to users. Distributed deployment protects compute units, servers, and cabinets to secure critical data infrastructure. Furthermore, your clusters are independently deployed in isolated VPCs for more secure data access.


In the fields of finance and retail, business data related to sales, assets, and supply chain need to be aggregated and analyzed for you to stay on top of operations and make accurate and efficient decisions.

CDWPG allows you to import data from TencentDB, Oracle, and PostgreSQL through sync or ETL tools. You can analyze heterogeneous data from multiple sources, enabling you to make better business decisions.

In internet finance, gaming, O2O, and other industries, CDWPG can analyze user behaviors, system logs, orders, and other structured or semi-structured data at the petabyte level economically and efficiently.

You can store massive amounts of data in COS without importing it into CDWPG and then quickly analyze and apply the data by simply writing SQL statements.

In internet and gaming industries, CDWPG can analyze user behaviors in real time to optimize operations strategies and enhance the efficiency of resource operations.

Oceanus can also help to filter, aggregate, and analyze real-time user operation data, and then sync the results to CDWPG instantly. With CDWPG's powerful SQL analysis and efficient query capabilities, you can stay up to date with the user behavior trends and quickly adjust your operations strategies.


CDWPG is pay-as-you-go. Fees are charged hourly, and you only pay for what you use. When you create a CDWPG cluster, the fees for two billing cycles will be frozen in your Tencent Cloud account. If your account has a sufficient balance, the remaining amount will be refunded when the cluster is terminated. For more information, see Pricing.