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Cloud Dedicated Zone

Deploy dedicated resources on the data center as required by the customer

Cloud Dedicated Zone

Cloud Dedicated Zone (CDZ) is a dedicated availability zone that deployed on the customer's on-premise infrastructure. Customers can purchase Tencent Cloud resources, such as compute, storage and database, and use them similarly as in Tencent Cloud public AZs. CDZ provides a full set of services with integrated hardware and software to help customers build up their dedicated cloud ‍in a secure and reliable manner.

Standardized and quick delivery

Adopt the same procurement and delivery standards as Tencent Cloud's own data centers, featuring fast delivery, high cost performance and high reliability of software and hardware.

Exclusive cloud resources

All resources of the dedicated zone are exclusive to the customer, and isolated from resources of other customers.

Customized location

A Cloud Dedicated Zone can be built on customer premises, which can make full use of the existing OPS capabilities and ensure the smooth operation of services.

Consistent experience as public cloud

The structure and user experience of Cloud Dedicated Zones are exactly the same as public AZs, including but not limited to the console, API, SDK and monitoring services. With Cloud Dedicated Zones, customers can build up a hybrid cloud featuring consistent management and scheduling manners, as well as Tencent Cloud's latest technologies and features.

Efficient managed operations service

Tencent Cloud provides a full set of worry-free operations services for Cloud Dedicated Zones, including operations, upgrades, and performance ‍management for both software and hardware.


Assist customers to build industrial clouds or local ‍clouds relying on Tencent's construction and operation capabilities with less human effort, and enjoy the same monitoring and operation capabilities of Tencent Cloud products.

Application software manufacturers can set up their own PaaS or SaaS platforms (such as AI platform, ERP platform, CRM platform) based on Tencent Cloud public services and capabilities efficiently.

For customers who have strict requirements for low latency, deploying cloud services on Cloud Dedicated Zones can further extend the edge coverage to provide nearby computing capability. This can improve the experience of AR/VR/MR applications.

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