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Cloud Infinite

A secure, stable and efficient cloud data processing service for your diverse image processing needs


Cloud Infinite (CI) provides you with intelligent processing services for different types of data such as images. CI can customize its image recognition service according to your specifications. It also comes with flexible image editing services, such as cropping, compression, watermarking and transcoding, making it ideal for use in various business scenarios.

Data Reliability

CI stores original image data in Cloud Object Storage (COS) in a cross-infrastructure, multi-device and redundant manner, allowing for off-site disaster recovery and resource isolation and ensuring industry-leading data persistence.

Persistent Availability

CI features a high-performance caching layer and high-performance processing cluster to quickly return style images. For large image processing scenarios, CI adds async processing queue logic to improve the success rate of style image processing.

Security Protection

On the basis of various types of attack protection, CI provides image access with comprehensive protection at the business layer, supporting light and dark watermarks, original image protection, hotlink protection and private access, protecting your copyrights and preventing resource leakage.

Elastic Expansion

Billed based on the actual usage, CI can be automatically expanded with no planning for business size ahead required, eliminating your concerns over the details of underlying storage and image processing and reducing OPS costs.


For customers of Cloud Object Storage (COS), CI can be used out of the box by adding simple parameters to the existing download API, with no integration of additional upload SDK required.

Image Processing

CI can directly process image resources stored in COS, with functions such as zooming, cropping, transcoding, compression and watermarking.

Persistence Processing

CI allows for processing of images during or after upload to COS and persistent storage of processing results.

Original Image Protection

Images are naturally prone to theft and unauthorized use. CI has an original image protection function which, once enabled, makes images only accessible through styled URLs and effectively prevents the original images from being leaked.

Blind Watermark

CI provides a unique blind watermark function which can add invisible watermarks to the image's frequency domain so that watermark information can still be retrieved for authentication and accountability even after the image resource is leaked by attacks (e.g., cropping, smearing).

Domain Name Management

The domain name management function of CI enables you to choose whether to enable CDN acceleration, set custom domain names and prevent unauthorized traffic usage by setting hotlink protection (blacklist and whitelist).

Origin-pull Setting

The origin-pull setting function of CI can help you seamlessly migrate content on origin servers to COS without introducing access interruption.

Content Moderation

The sensitive content moderation function of CI can detect various types of sensitive content such as pornography and political and terrorism information, helping you effectively avoid the risk of violations.

Document Preview

The document preview function of CI can generate image or HTML previews of documents such as PowerPoint, Word and Excel files, facilitating resource sharing.


CI provides high-availability and high-quality image processing services such as image compression, cropping, transcoding and watermarking as well as image slimming solutions such as Guetzli compression and TPG transcoding compression, meeting the image needs of various business scenarios.

CI can add image or text watermarks to copyrighted image resources to simply and effectively indicate the copyright ownership. In addition, the unique blind watermark function of CI can be used to add invisible watermark information to the image's frequency domain for prioritized authentication and accountability in the event of resource leakage; for resource access, CI can control access to images through security policies like original image protection, signed download and blacklist/whitelist.

For ecommerce, forum and social networking scenarios with a large amount of user-generated content, CI features content moderation for various types of sensitive content such as pornography and political and terrorism information, helping you avoid the risk of violations.

The document preview function of CI can generate image or HTML previews of document resources such as PDF, PowerPoint and Excel files, meeting your online file sharing needs.