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Customer Identity Access Management

CIAM integrates account information, interconnects user OneID data, delivers a secure and convenient application access experience, and ultimately improves user retention.


Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM) delivers a convenient and secure signup, login, and access experience to your users. It prevents malicious users from signing up and logging in to improve the user retention of your business platform. It also helps you build a unified user account data and user consent management system, where user OneID data can be created to optimize user management.

Out-of-the-Box Tools

CIAM provides out-of-the-box developer tools for flexible orchestration of user registration, login authentication, and application access, helping you quickly release applications and reduce development costs.

Effective Malicious User Identification

Based on Tencent Security's over 20 years of experience in combating black market activities and integrating Tencent's multiple risk management capabilities, CIAM effectively identifies malicious users to help you filter user behaviors such as malicious registration and bargain hunting and reduce potential business losses.

Multiple Deployment Modes

CIAM supports deployment and delivery in a public or private cloud as needed to assist you in managing digital user identities in applications in a unified manner, effectively reducing development costs, and improving security.

Multi-Protocol Support

CIAM supports diverse authentication and authorization protocols such as OAuth, SAML, OIDC, CAS, and JWT, so you can quickly integrate applications to enable end users to access multiple applications upon one authentication, which improves the user access efficiency and experience.

High Stability and Availability

CIAM supports hundreds of millions of end users and runs stably in ultra large internet user systems, which has been proven in multiple large projects.


CIAM helps create a unified user account management system, with multiple identity options such as doctor and patient. In this way, hospitals can better manage patient information, patients can use services provided by hospitals more conveniently, pharmaceutical companies can better manage doctor information, and doctors can more easily leverage consultation and services offered by pharmaceutical companies.

CIAM interconnects all applications of a scenic area's platform to help tourists smoothly access various scenic spots, purchase local specialty products online, and check in at hotels with one QR code, delivering a seamless and enriched travel experience.

CIAM offers MFA and malicious behavior identification capabilities to help you block malicious registration and bargain hunting and thus prevent business losses. It has helped hundreds of customers avoid tens of millions of CNY in economic losses.

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