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CODING Test Management
An agile testing method for better test-R&D collaboration

CODING Test Management (CODING-TM) provides collaboration management tools for orderly testing, which range from test case library management and test plan development to collaborative test task execution. It enables testing personnel to work agilely, improves the efficiency of collaboration between testing and R&D teams, and provides visualized work views and data reports for controlling test progress and planning at any time.

Multi-Role Real-Time Collaboration
CODING-TM allows upstream and downstream testing, product management, and R&D personnel in the team to participate in tests together, sync test requirements, test tasks, and defect tasks in real-time, record the testing process, facilitate problem reproduction, and identify requirements and defects to achieve seamless collaboration across departments.
Test Case-Defect Association
CODING-TM has a defect management feature that can immediately associate test cases that fail to meet expectations during the testing process with defects so that developers can quickly locate test cases based on defects and sync updated test results to the corresponding defects.
Test Case Reusability
CODING-TM supports adding, importing, and editing test cases in the test case library of the tree structure. The library makes it easier to flexibly organize test plans, reuse test cases in different test plans, avoid repetitively editing the same test case, and effectively improve the testing efficiency.
Batch Import of Test Cases
CODING-TM supports importing test cases in batches from Excel and CSV files to the specified project so that you don't have to edit test cases repetitively, freeing you from inefficient table-based management and implementing efficient collaborative test management.
Multidimensional Data Report
CODING-TM allows you to create regular data report templates. After a test milestone is reached, test reports in various dimensions such as test conclusion, chart, work distribution, and test duration can be automatically generated and sent to corresponding recipients at scheduled times.
Visualized Test Progress
CODING-TM provides a visualized overview of project tests and the test progress. You can intuitively understand the work progress and task load of every member in your team, accurately understand the peak and off-peak values of their workloads, and easily improve work plans.

CODING-TM provides test case management, test plan management, test execution, and test report features.

Test Case Management

CODING-TM offers a wide variety of test case management features such as directory, drag-to-sort, and quick creation to improve the efficiency of test case management. By sharing the test case library, one test case can be repeatedly included in different test plans, which improves the reusability of test cases.

- Test case management: you can regularly create, expressly create, modify, delete, copy, search for, and drag to sort test cases, edit them in text or in the step-by-step mode, associate them with requirements/test cases/defects, and backtrack them.

- Test case import: you can import test cases from Excel, CSV, and TestLink files and export test cases into CSV files.

Test Plan Management

CODING-TM enables you to create test plans online, assign test tasks, copy test plans, and share project plans and goals to help you improve the management efficiency.

- You can view, create, edit, archive, and copy test plans, adjust their priorities, assign tasks for them, and collaborate on them in real time.

- You can review test cases.

Test Execution

You can query the test tasks assigned to you in the to-do list and then execute the tasks one by one through real-time online collaboration.

- Four test results (passed, blocked, retested, and failed) are provided, and you can report and associate defects at any time when a test fails.

- You can assign test tasks, adjust their priorities, record and view test results, create defects, and associate defects for management.

Test Report

A test report contains statistics of the test process and result. It can be generated manually or automatically, helping you report the test progress at any time and quantify the work result.

CODING-TM helps the test team establish an orderly test collaboration process, including writing test cases, developing test plans, distributing test tasks, and recording test results. It also helps the test team collaborate with R&D personnel to sync the test progress and results.
CODING-TM can be used to create a test case library and manage the test cases of each feature and page. Each test case contains the description, steps, and expected result of the corresponding test. The library management feature facilitates the reuse of test cases, avoids the repetitive writing of test cases, and improves the work efficiency. In addition, CODING-TM supports importing test cases from Excel and CSV files, freeing testers from complicated table editing.
CODING-TM enables test team managers to formulate test plans according to the test objectives of different stages, automatically generates corresponding test reports after test completion, and analyzes the test results to provide data support for the next test plan.
Success Stories
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Dida Chuxing
BOCOM Schroders
Mininglamp Technology

Can test cases be associated with defects?

Test cases and defects can be associated with each other, making it easier for developers to get the test context during development and quickly complete the reproduction.

Is there a limit to the number of test cases that can be stored?

There is no limit to the number of test cases that can be created and stored.

Can I import/export test cases?

You can import test cases from Excel and TestLink files. To do so, click the import icon in the top-right corner of the test case management page and select the corresponding import method. You can then export test cases into CSV files.