tencent cloud

Control Center

Control Center provides enterprises with the ability to centrally manage all of their organization's Tencent Cloud accounts. By setting up a landing zone. admins can easily build a safe and compliant cloud environment based on best practices.

Custom landing zone

Create a landing zone with a few simple operations to quickly build your multi-account cloud environment according to best practices.

Account management

Invite other Tencent Cloud accounts to join your organization or configure baselines to automatically create and configure new enterprise accounts.

Access permissions

Set up access permissions for all organization members using preset permission sets or by customizing your own permissions.

Finance management

Configure finance management policies, payment methods, and discount inheritance for members across the organization.

Account compliance

Establish security rules and continuously audit the operating behaviors of different accounts to maintain a compliant environment.

Account baselines

Configure baseline items and apply them to specified accounts to help streamline account management and auditing.


Account deployment
Deploy a landing zone to help organization admins create and manage a well-structured cloud architecture with account provisioning, identity permissions, finance management, compliance auditing, security rules, and more.

Unified account management
Plan out your enterprise account structure with scalability in mind and centrally manage permissions for all accounts to ensure security for your resources.

Finance management
Set up financial policies and payment methods across the organization, manage cloud costs, and control cloud spending all from one place.

Compliance auditing
Monitor and address resource risks under all your organization accounts and keep your enterprise secure and compliant with operation and configuration auditing.


Control Center is a free service provided with no additional charges to your Tencent Cloud account. However, fees may be incurred when using other Tencent Cloud services.