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Cloud Security Center

A one-stop security management platform


Cloud Security Center is a one-stop security management platform provided by Tencent Cloud. With the Assets, Risks, and Alerts modules and advanced security management, CSC ensures security throughout your business operations by offering proactive threat detection, real-time incident response, and post-incident root cause analysis.

XDR Platform

Collects risk alerts and logs from CWPP, CFW and WAF, and analyses the data by utilizing Tencent Cloud's threat intelligence and a home-grown security database, providing customers with centralized management of threat detection, investigation and handling capabilities, which can improve the threat detection and response efficiency.

Asset Security

Keeps the up-to-date data of cloud assets, including CVM, COS, TencentDB, CLB instances. You can manage risks on configurations, vulnerabilities and security events in a unified way to reduce the "shadow IT" risks.

Alerts on Urgent Vulnerabilities

Pushes the latest vulnerability intelligence, reports, and suggestions relying on Tencent's security intelligence capabilities to help customers handle high-risk vulnerabilities in time.

Configuration Management

Detects configuration risks on Tencent Cloud products, such as CVM, COS, TencentDB, and CLB, to help customers reduce the risks caused by incorrect configurations and level up the overall cloud security.

Internet Attack Surface Mapping

Identifies potential attack surfaces on cloud assets, such as ports, services, and components exposed on cloud

Log Collection and Query

Collects logs and data of security-related products and events, such as alerts, asset updates, user behaviors and security product logs. You can query and analyze logs as needed.

Security Visualization

Displays the real-time monitoring data and security posture of your assets and services on the Dashboard and Overview page. You can also download reports whenever necessary.

Automated Handling

Utilizes the scheming capability to provide preset automatic handling policies, which help customers handle risks efficiently.

Cloud UBA

Based on visualized audit and monitoring of user operations and TencentCloud API calls, CSC detects and alerts you to sensitive and risky operations and identifies security risks caused by abnormal user behaviors and risky API calls.



Cloud assets are facing continuous security threats, such as network intrusion and host intrusion. To cope with these threats, enterprises need to use different security products like CWPP, CFW and WAF. However managing alerts, configurations and policies on these products separately lowers the efficiency of the operations. To this end, CSC integrates data and capabilities of Tencent Cloud security products and also Tencent's years of threat analysis experience and threat intelligence data to help customers carry out threat operations.


Tencent Cloud XDR threat operations solution uses CSC as the core platform to collect and analyze alerts and logs of CWPP, CFW and WAF. It analyzes alerts based on alert characterization, event investigation and threat intelligence analysis, so as to identify alerts requiring attention, and generate compromisation reports to trace back the entire attack process. As a cloud-native product, CSC integrates the handling and blocking capabilities of CWPP, CFW, WAF and security groups. This helps customers improve the threat response efficiency. Tencent Cloud can also provide cloud-based threat management and operations services to help customers who lack operational manpower and capabilities perform real-time threat monitoring and response.


Running businesses on the public cloud brings a higher flexibility. At the same time, frequent asset changes cause high demand for operations and management efforts. Customers need automated tools to manage assets.


CSC provides a security management platform for the entire process of assets on the cloud. It can collect data of cloud assets, identify security risks, and then handle the risks based on automated policies. This builds up a unified asset-based security management platform to enhance the overall cloud security level.


Customers are facing more and more cybersecurity challenges, and higher compliance requirements on security. They need a professional managed service to help with the construction and operation of their security systems.


CSC provides professional managed security services. Tencent Cloud security engineers can provide customers with uninterrupted monitoring, emergency response, and regular inspection services. Customers only need to focus on overall security system planning and security management to easily achieve secure operation of their cloud-based businesses.


CSC offers three paid editions, namely Premium Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Ultimate Edition. Each edition provides different features and specifications. For pricing details, see the pricing documentation.