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TencentDB for CTSDB
A powerful, distributed, secure, stable, and scalable time series database in the cloud

TencentDB for CTSDB (CTSDB) is an efficient, secure, and easy-to-use time series data storage service in the cloud. It is especially suitable for scenarios with massive amounts of time series data, such as IoT, big data, and internet monitoring. You can quickly create CTSDB instances according to your actual business needs and linearly scale them in real time as your business changes. CTSDB provides high-performance data read/write services to sustain your rapid business growth, reducing your data storage costs and simplifying your daily Ops.

High Performance

CTSDB writes data through the bulk API to reduce network overheads. It adopts a policy where data is written into the memory first and then periodically dumped as immutable files for storage, helping improve the write performance. The inverted index accelerates data queries in any dimension so that data can be queried within seconds.

Low Storage Costs

CTSDB uses columnar storage and efficient coding and compression algorithms to increase the data compression ratio. Its table rollup feature can aggregate historical data and specify data expiration times. In this way, data is separately managed by time and is automatically cleared upon expiration, reducing storage costs.

High Stability and Reliability

CTSDB provides a wide variety of monitoring metrics to help you monitor the health of instances in real time. By using a distributed deployment method, it effectively manages single points of failures in the cluster. It stores data in multiple replicas that can be automatically switched in case of failures to ensure the high availability of the system.

Ease of Use

CTSDB offers rich data types, adopts RESTful APIs, and features elastic scalability and automatic data balancing. It is compatible with Elasticsearch's data access protocols, making development easier. Its console provides many data management and Ops features, simplifying Ops.

Powerful Aggregate Analysis Capabilities

CTSDB not only supports basic aggregate analysis functions such as Min, Max, Sum, and Avg but also supports complex ones such as Group By, interval, Geo, and nesting as well as script aggregation. For example, it can aggregate the calculation results of multiple fields.

Security Protection

CTSDB uses VPC access to isolate your resources from the public network and leverages its comprehensive network monitoring service to guarantee your network security. Plus, its powerful user authentication and authorization mechanism further ensures the security of your data.

Data Write

CTSDB supports concurrently writing time series data through simple and consistent RESTful APIs.

Aggregate Analysis

CTSDB supports super-complex aggregate analysis, including general aggregation functions such as Avg, Min, Max, Count, and Sum as well as complex fuzzy aggregation functions such as Cardinality and Percentiles.

Query Result Visualization

CTSDB supports data query operations through HTTP access and console query. The data query feature in the console can visually display data under multiple aggregation methods.

Instance Monitoring

CTSDB conducts multidimensional monitoring, analysis and graphical display for instances so that you can obtain information on the health of your instances in real time.


Working condition data in industrial production environments needs to be stored. A large number of monitoring points in multiple facilities can generate billions of data points every year, reaching the PB level. Such data can be written to CTSDB in real time for quick query and visual display, helping managers make better decisions and perform big data analysis to identify deep-seated problems and increase profitability.

Internet service providers can write their user network delay data, business service metric data, log data, etc. into CTSDB and then directly generate reports for analysis by technical support and product teams so that they can identify and solve problems as early as possible.

Transaction data in the financial market continuously collected by automated trading algorithms, user social networking, shopping, and entertainment data reported by various collection terminals, and business status data obtained by log cleansing programs can be stored in CTSDB and then obtained through APIs to implement efficient real-time analysis and modeling.


TencentDB for CTSDB is billed by two parts: specification (memory and CPU) and capacity.

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