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Direct Connect
A fast, secure, stable and low-latency dedicated network for optical fiber communications

Direct Connect (DC) enables you to establish a private connection between Tencent Cloud and your premises. DC connections bypass the public Internet and offer higher reliability, faster speeds and lower latencies than typical Internet connections. In many cases, using DC can provide greater throughput at lower network costs. To use DC, you need to set up a leased line by a network service provider between your premises and the Tencent Cloud DC location. DC supports industry standard 802.1q VLANs, which allow you to partition the dedicated connection into multiple virtual interfaces and set up private tunnels to different VPCs or other cloud resources. Using DC, you can reconfigure the tunnels at any time to meet your ever-changing needs.

Stable Latency

Tencent Cloud DC guarantees over 99.5% stable network latency. By setting a fixed route configuration, you can speed up the access to and download from business data nodes, eliminating the unstable latency caused by network congestion or fault bypassing and improving your connection speed and network experience.

Reliable Disaster Recovery

Tencent Cloud DC access devices and network forwarding devices are distributed in clusters for deployment, and the specifications of these devices are highly reliable. DC also supports dual line access. The guaranteed professional-grade network reliability ensures that your applications run smoothly and fully meet your needs for over 99.95% network availability.

Large Bandwidth

Tencent Cloud DC supports up to 10 Gbps bandwidth with one single connection line. In addition, a theoretically unlimited number of 10 Gbps links can be added for network load balancing. DC can automatically distribute traffic, allowing for smoother cross-business access and operations.

High Security

The large-bandwidth network connectivity provided by Tencent Cloud DC is exclusive and highly secure. The network link is exclusive to your own businesses, so you don't need to worry about data leakage. This solution is ideal for clients that require high security levels, such as financial institutions, government agencies and large corporations.

Network Interconnection

Tencent Cloud DC supports the configuration of the NAT service on the gateway, enabling you to interconnect among multiple local IDCs. DC also supports IP mapping between both ends of DC and IP port mapping on VPC, providing a perfect solution to address conflicts when connecting to third-party networks.


For application scenarios where backup is required, you can realize the communications between VPC and your IDC through Direct Connect, and then back up the data through dual-line access or VPN access. The IP address range overlap between the VPC and the IDC does not affect their communications.


Direct Connect fees include a one-time installation fee, monthly resource occupation fees, cross-region dedicated tunnel bandwidth resource occupation fees, and other non-Tencent Cloud fees (ISP leased-line fees and in-house wiring rental fees on both ends of the connection). View more.