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Anti-DDoS Pro
Superior and convenient anti-DDoS capability for Tencent Cloud users

Anti-DDoS Pro is a paid anti-DDoS service for business deployed in Tencent Cloud. It works directly on Tencent Cloud services and users don’t need to change their IPs. To get started, you only need to bind it to the IP addresses you want to protect. It is easy to access and requires no additional changes on your end.

One-Click Access

After you purchase an instance, it only takes you a couple of minutes to get started. You only need to bind it to the IP addresses of the Tencent Cloud services you want to protect.

Defense Against DDoS Attacks

With the exclusive support of 30-line BGP access to the protection node and large protection bandwidth, Anti-DDoS Pro can easily handle DDoS attacks to meet the high requirements for security and stability of critical business such as promotion and launch events.

Defense Against CC Attacks

Pattern recognition, identity recognition and other analytical methods are used to accurately identify malicious requests. Meanwhile, methods such as re-authentication and access control are used for accurate and effective defense against CC attacks.

Fast Speed and Reliability

With a 30-line BGP network encompassing ISPs across Mainland China, Anti-DDoS Pro features an average protection delay of less than 30 ms.

Leading Cleansing Capability

Anti-DDoS Pro offers real-time protection by leveraging the powerful protective clusters developed by Tencent Cloud and multi-dimensional algorithms continuously optimized by a smart AI engine. Such algorithms include IP profiling, behavior pattern analysis and cookie challenges.

Flexible Strategy

Anti-DDoS Pro offers a streamlined DDoS protection and management experience. Plus, it allows flexible configuration of advanced security policies and CC protection policies, making it easy to meet the varying defense needs of different businesses.

Diverse Categories

Anti-DDoS Pro supports the single-IP mode, as well as the multi-IP mode for shared protection resources. It offers a broad range of selection, including base protection, elasticity and sharing capability. Users can select the desired package flexibly based on different protection needs.

Cost Optimization

Anti-DDoS Pro offers a “base protection + elastic protection” combo package, which provides elastic protection only when needed. You are only charged by the amount of actual attack traffic, helping reduce your daily protection costs.


Application Scenarios

• Scenarios with high level of requirement for smooth business operations, such as live streaming and online videos;

• Scenarios involving defense against DDoS attacks during new product launches, e-commerce promotions and etc.;

• Scenarios with high level of requirement for line quality in aspects such as the access latency and carriers’ line coverage.


Anti-DDoS Pro relies on sufficient and high-quality BGP protection resources to provide anti-DDoS capabilities to Tencent Cloud users. With simple configuration, you can integrate the security capabilities provided by Anti-DDoS Pro into your cloud products to enhance the protection capability in just a few seconds. The protection resources support an elastic protection mode that can easily cope with any explosion of attack.

Application Scenarios

• Scenarios with high level requirement for business data security – e.g., prevention of data leakage due to web application attacks such as SQL injection;

• Scenarios where website access is congested or service breaks down due to DDoS attacks and CC attacks;

• Scenarios requiring fast integration of protection services without interfering the normal business operations.

Anti-DDoS Pro Solution

Anti-DDoS Pro, along with Tencent Cloud WAF, provides users with comprehensive security protection. Anti-DDoS Pro provides one-click advanced anti-DDoS capability that easily responds to attack traffic. Meanwhile, Tencent Cloud WAF protects users in real time by effectively intercepting website attacks and ensuring data and information security for users.

Protection Scope

Anti-DDoS Pro provides anti-DDoS capabilities directly for Tencent Cloud CVM, CLB and other cloud products at one click. It supports two types of service packs, single-IP and multi-IP. The configuration is simple. After purchase, you only need to bind the IP addresses that you want to protect to start using the service.

Attack Traffic Cleansing Capability

Multidimensional algorithms including IP profiling, behavioral pattern analysis, cookie challenge, etc., are combined with the AI-driven continuously optimizing protection algorithm to precisely clean attacks. The service can easily defend attacks such as SYN Flood, ACK Flood, ICMP Flood, UDP Flood, NTP Flood, SSDP Flood, DNS Flood, HTTP Flood and CC attacks.

Super-Speed Protection Network

Anti-DDoS Pro provides BGP access protection with high availability and stability, ensuring high access speed for users requiring a low latency.

Defense Policy

Anti-DDoS Advanced offers a streamlined cloud protection experience by default and allows flexible policy configuration to meet the varying protection requirements oriented to different attacks and businesses.

• Supports refined custom CC protection configuration based on parameters such as IP, URL, Referer, host, and etc.

• Supports configuration of oriented, advanced DDoS protection strategies based on actual business protection needs.

One-Click Linkage to Cloud WAF

Anti-DDoS Pro with 100 Gbps high-traffic protection provides one-click integration with Tencent Cloud Web Application Firewall to ensure that users’ real servers can fight against high-traffic DDoS attacks while having their own site protection capability.

Statistical Report of Attacks

It supports the statistics management of attack events and attack traffic, letting users understand the attack situation in time. It also supports evidence collection, capturing and downloading the data on attacks for quick analysis and source-tracing of exceptional issues.


Tencent Cloud Anti-DDoS Pro adopts a combined billing mode that consists of a fixed monthly base protection bandwidth fee and a daily elastic protection bandwidth fee that is usage-dependent. We recommend setting the base protection bandwidth slightly higher than the common attack bandwidth, and the elastic protection bandwidth higher than the historically highest attack bandwidth.

You can decide if and when to enable elastic protection by yourself. When it’s enabled, if the attack traffic bandwidth does not exceed the base protection bandwidth, the elastic protection is not triggered and no cost incurs. If the attack traffic bandwidth exceeds the base protection bandwidth, the charge is calculated by the actual attack traffic bandwidth of the day in reference to the elastic protection bandwidth billing tier. Users are only billed once based on the highest elastic protection bandwidth in the same day. Multiple attacks in a day do not result in multiple bills.

You can visit our purchase page to check out pricing details for Anti-DDoS Pro products.