tencent cloud


A leading domain registrar offering comprehensive domain registration and management services


Tencent Cloud Domains (Domains) is an industry-leading one-stop domain registrar with comprehensive domain registration, query, and management services. It well satisfies the overall needs of over 1 million users and protects their domain security in an all-around manner with reliable technical support.

Support for Comprehensive Suffixes

Domains supports registration for over 100 domain suffixes, including popular ones such as gTLD, ccTLD, and new gTLD.

Convenient Management

Domains provides a rich set of management features, including domain registration, transfer in, renewal, redemption, cross-account transfer, and DNS resolution.

High Security and Reliability

Domains comes with various security protection features.

Low Costs

Domains offers high-quality services at favorable prices.

Premium Service

Domains enjoys 24/7 online customer support service to help you solve problems.

Smart Recommendation

Domains recommends more search results for queried domain suffixes to help you register ideal domains.

Domain Registration

According to international practices, the application for domain names follows the rule of "first come, first served". Since every registered domain name must be unique, each domain name corresponds to a single host. Once a domain name is applied for, it belongs to the applicant during the registration period, unless the applicant gives it up or transfers it to someone else. You are advised to apply for your own exclusive domain name in time.

Domain Transfer In

It takes about 5–7 business days to transfer your domain to Domains from another registrar, after which Tencent Cloud will provide domain services for your domain.

Cross-Account Transfer

You can transfer a domain from your account A to your account B.


Different domains have different prices. For more information, see Domain Pricing.