Tencent Cloud Data Security Center (DSGC) is a data security operations platform that integrates the discovery, classification, and grading of sensitive data, data map, and exceptional data access analysis. It automatically organizes your cloud data assets and performs classification, grading, and security risk assessment of your data. It works with various security capabilities of Tencent Cloud to form a closed network of data security protection and help you maximize your security benefits.

Data Asset Connection

With your authorization, Tencent Cloud Data Security Center can be fully connected to different types of data assets in the cloud, enabling you to get the most timely data asset information in the kernel dimension and laying the groundwork for safeguarding data security.

Classification and Grading Templates

Tencent Cloud Data Security Center offers built-in general and industry-specified templates and allows you to customize templates based on your business needs.

Data Asset Map

Tencent Cloud Data Security Center visually displays the security status of your assets in multiple dimensions, including asset profile, class and grade, account permission, data storage, and sensitive data.

Sensitive Data Identification

Tencent Cloud Data Security Center helps you detect sensitive data based on data characteristics and organize data assets from a security perspective.

Manual Tagging

In complex data scenarios, Tencent Cloud Data Security Center can accurately classify and grade data through AI-assisted manual tagging.


Tencent Cloud Data Security Center can discover your sensitive data assets in the cloud and visualize their information such as storage instances, types, and grades, which helps you organize data assets more efficiently and better carry out compliance construction and data security facility deployment.

Tencent Cloud Data Security Center supports automatic classification and grading and manual tagging of cloud data assets according to national, industry-specific, and internal classification and grading guides, providing a basis for classified data protection.


Data Security Center supports monthly subscriptions.

For billing details, see Pricing.