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Data Transfer Service

A database-orientated data migration, cross-instance data synchronization and incremental data update subscription service


Data Transfer Service (DTS) provides database-oriented data migration, synchronization and subscription services and supports cross-instance continuous data replication, helping you securely and easily migrate your database onto the cloud. The binlog-based data subscription feature enables you to stream data updates in the database to a data warehouse in real time. Moreover, DTS helps you easily migrate databases without interrupting your business and build high-availability database architecture for cross-region disaster recovery using real-time synchronization tunnels. By taking care of complex data interaction tasks, it lets you focus on business development.

Data Synchronization

DTS helps you migrate your databases to TencentDB for MySQL with zero downtime throughout the entire process. All data generated during migration of the source database is synced to the target database in real time, allowing the source database to continue to provide services during migration. After data replication, the source database remains synced with the target database so that you can freely select the service switchover time.

High Transfer Performance

DTS uses high-spec servers to ensure superior transfer performance of each migration and synchronization linkage. In terms of data migration, the underlying layer of DTS employs a variety of performance optimization measures that significantly improve the transfer performance of DTS as compared with traditional data migration tools.

Automatic Failure Recovery

DTS features extremely high availability, with each of its nodes possessing high failure recovery capabilities within seconds and outstanding self-healing capabilities. Featuring high reliability, DTS guarantees data consistency when migrating your data to the cloud.

Visualized Operations

DTS does not require any separate drivers, applications or major changes to the source database. You can start data transfer right away with just a few simple steps in Tencent Cloud's visualized management interface.

Fast and Simple Setup

You can set up a migration task in just minutes in the console, where you can define various parameters for the migration task, including the links to the source and target databases, migration type and objects.

Hot Database Migration

DTS supports non-stop migration, minimizing the impact of database downtime on the business caused by the migration process.

Multi-network Environment Compatibility

DTS can be accessed through multiple network environments such as public networks, VPNs and Direct Connect lines and covers main data migration linkage from local IDCs to the cloud, helping you easily build a hybrid cloud environment for real-time data synchronization.

Incremental Data Update Subscription

Using DTS, you can stream incremental data updates in TencentDB for MySQL to the backend database for data archiving and storage or real-time analytics.

Data Migration

DTS supports various types of database migration in different environments. Migration is available for source databases such as self-built databases on public networks with public IPs, self-built databases connected to Tencent Cloud through VPN or Direct Connect lines and self-built databases on Cloud Virtual Machine. Target databases can be TencentDB for MySQL instances. DTS allows you to view the progress status for all migration tasks and multitasking bulk operations.

Data Synchronization

DTS can help you obtain incremental data updates in TencentDB for MySQL in real time, allowing you to freely consume the incremental data according to your own business needs for various business scenarios such as cache update policy implementation, asynchronous business decoupling and real-time synchronization of data from heterogeneous sources and data containing complex ETL. It supports dynamically adding and removing subscribed objects, viewing subscribed data online and modifying consumption time points.

Data Subscription

The data synchronization feature of DTS provides real-time data synchronization between two database instances for TencentDB for MySQL, which is perfectly suitable for scenarios such as cross-regional disaster recovery. Currently, DTS only supports data synchronization for TencentDB for MySQL instances.



If the business is deployed in a single region, services may be unavailable due to incidents such as power outages and network disconnections, and data recovery time cannot be estimated.


DTS can provide disaster recovery sync for disaster recovery instances in the cloud database based on a direct connection to Tencent's private network. The disaster recovery architecture allows for mutual redundancy between data centers in different regions. When a data center is faulty or fails to provide services due to force majeure, another data center can quickly take over. The optimization of database replication via DTS significantly reduces primary/secondary sync delay and minimizes the risk of data loss resulting from sync delay in disasters.


While many clients hope to continue their services during system migration, the consistency of the migrated data cannot be guaranteed without stopping the services during migration.


The data migration function offered by DTS provides a non-stop migration solution. During the migration process, replication of incremental data updates ensures the consistency of migrated data, allowing the source database to continue providing services externally and minimizing the impact of the cloudification process on your business. You can easily set up data migration in just a few simple steps.


If a local IDC is being used as a business center, services may become unavailable due to a regional failure.


DTS supports data sync in cases where a local IDC serves as the service center and Tencent Cloud serves as the disaster recovery center. By using this feature and the ready-to-use cloud service, you can easily implement disaster recovery for a local IDC without having to invest a lot in infrastructure in advance.


By leveraging the data subscription feature of DTS, you can stream incremental data updates in the cloud database to the archival database or the data warehouse in real time.


DTS provides monthly subscription and pay-as-you-go options to suit your needs. For more information, see Product Pricing.