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Tencent Cloud EventBridge
A secure and efficient event management platform

Tencent Cloud EventBridge is a secure, stable, and efficient serverless event management platform. It supports standardized and centralized connections of Tencent Cloud services, custom applications, and SaaS applications, helping you easily implement a serverless event-driven architecture (EDA).

Ease of Use

EventBridge provides fully managed, OPS-free, and deployment-free serverless event management services, which rid you of the need to care about supporting components of event services and make your EDA construction much easier.

Standardized Connection

EventBridge provides a unified Put Event push protocol, which is compatible with CloudEvents 1.0 specifications and fully embraces the open-source community ecosystem.

Fast Build

EventBridge supports Tencent Cloud service event sets and cloud connectors to interconnect multiple data channels. You can quickly import data into it after simple necessary configurations. You can also convert and cleanse events in the cloud to meet the needs in various event use cases.

High Availability

EventBridge can be deployed in a distributed cluster across AZs in a region-specific manner and offers strong disaster recovery capabilities. It leverages different Tencent Cloud services to meet the needs of different business scenarios and make your service architecture even more robust.

Supporting Capabilities

EventBridge offers various capabilities such as event query, log, and audit as well as full-linkage tracking. It also provides basic EDA capabilities, including event replay, backup, and retry policy.


EventBridge is an independent serverless service, which enables you to stay up to date with the real-time data changes in Tencent Cloud services, your applications, and SaaS applications with no need to write code.

EventBridge provides a complete event lifecycle and a completely cloud native EDA solution to help you quickly build a cloud native EDA and link more use cases.

EventBridge can be used as a hub to receive status changes of all applications and route them to the services that need to perceive them respectively.

A core capability of EventBridge is to act as a channel for streaming data. Through CloudEvents specifications and the schema registry (coming soon), it describes streaming data in a unified manner and provides basic filtering and conversion capabilities to route data between different data warehouses, data processing programs, and data analysis and processing systems, so as to connect different systems and services.


EventBridge is billed according to the event bus type:

  • Tencent Cloud service event buses: Free of charge.
  • Custom event buses: Billed by the number of events published to the event buses on a regional basis.

For more details, see Billing Overview and Product Pricing.