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Enterprise Content Delivery Network

A fast and stable one-stop acceleration service for dynamic and hybrid resources


Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN) is an upgrade of the former Dynamic Site Accelerator (DSA). It leverages Tencent’s globally deployed cache nodes and years of technical expertise to provide reliable, low-latency and one-stop accelerated delivery services for dynamic and hybrid websites. ECDN not only integrates static edge caching with dynamic origin-pull route optimization, but also incorporates protocol-layer optimization and optimal routing algorithms independently developed by Tencent Cloud. ECDN supports intelligent scheduling, optimal routing, multi-protocol access, reliable disaster recovery, secure transfer and more. Content delivery acceleration can be achieved in just a few clicks.

High Versatility and Efficiency

ECDN is suitable for the one-stop delivery of dynamic, static and hybrid resources, all of which can be accelerated on the same platform at the same time. ECDN can automatically recognize dynamic and static resources. Static resources will be allocated to optimal cache nodes through the GSLB scheduling system independently developed by Tencent, while quick origin-pull will be enabled for dynamic resources through route optimization.

Globally Deployed High-Quality Cache Nodes

Tencent Cloud ECDN singles out thousands of high-quality cache nodes from the traditional CDN acceleration network and deploys them across over 50 countries and regions. These cache nodes are interconnected, solving problems such as cross-regional network instability and high access latency to meet your global business needs.

High Stability and Reliability

ECDN supports global load balancing, seamless disaster recovery, and intelligent failover. The guaranteed network performance from the client to origin server ensures the stability, reliability and high availability of your accelerated content delivery.

Protocol Optimization and Flexible Scheduling

ECDN leverages protocol optimization and congestion control algorithms independently developed by Tencent, while leveraging AI-powered categorization technology. It also provides features such as edge server allocation, dynamic origin-pull routing, intelligent categorization and recognition to ensure the content delivery quality.

Secure Delivery

After the user request is connected to ECDN, data will be transferred over private protocols to ensure data privacy and security. ECDN provides HTTPS-secured network communication and supports data transfer based on certificateless security protocols, protecting your business data with reliable security measures.

24x7 Technical Support

ECDN offers 24/7 online technical support, regular network assessment, optimization assistance, and professional practical training. The fast-response support from technical experts and detailed documentation also help facilitate a smooth user experience.

Global Acceleration

Tencent Cloud ECDN singles out thousands of high-quality cache nodes from the traditional CDN acceleration network and deploys them across over 50 countries and regions. It effectively solves problems such as network instability and high access latency caused by cross-border, cross-network, and cross-ISP data transfer.

Automatic Content Recognition

ECDN supports automatic recognition of dynamic and static resources, eliminating the need for manual categorization. Once your website is connected to ECDN, all content can be delivered at high speed.

Optimal Route

The GSLB scheduling system independently developed by Tencent ensures that the optimal cache nodes will be selected for static resources. Meanwhile, all cache nodes are interconnected in pairs and used in conjunction with intelligent routing algorithms to select the optimal route for delivery.

Secure Access

ECDN supports basic access control based on Referer, User-Agent, and IP. It also features advanced hotlink protection, dynamic HTTPS request acceleration, and secure certificateless acceleration.


Enterprise Content Delivery Network is a one-stop acceleration service for dynamic and static resources. ECDN supports Layer-4/Layer-7 protocols, load balancing, and intelligent routing. It also features custom configurations such as edge caching and flexible origin-pull to meet your business needs. Advanced configurations such as security protection and disaster recovery effectively guarantee network stability and availability, ensuring secure and accelerated content delivery.


With advantages in cross-border accelerated delivery, ECDN enables multinational corporations to collaborate on a global scale and transfer business data efficiently.

Tencent Cloud ECDN allocates optimal edge cache nodes to ensure instant acquisition of resource packages in static application scenarios, such as game download, installation and update. For dynamic and interactive game resources, ECDN utilizes the optimal origin-pull route to achieve a smooth gaming experience.

Armed with strong accelerated global content delivery capability, ECDN forwards transaction or purchase requests from around the world to origin servers instantly. Edge caching and dynamic origin-pull routing help reduce the loading time of merchandise information, optimizing the shopping experience.

ECDN guarantees the access speed and security in different payment scenarios. It can filter out malicious traffic using advanced security services such as DDoS protection and WAF, protecting your business against high-volume and complex network attacks.

Course content are cached in edge servers, allowing students nearby access to learning materials and reducing loading times. In addition, it enables quick origin-pull using the intelligent and dynamic origin-pull routing, meeting the needs for real-time classroom interaction.


ECDN is pay-as-you-go based on the number of requests. Billing is based on fees incurred by requests and fees incurred by traffic that exceeds the free tier limit.

Total consumption generated between 00:00:00 and 23:59:59 on the current day will be billed on the next day.